Zach Wilson won’t be available until at least Week 4

NFL: AUG 28 Preseason - Giants at Jets
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Joe Flacco will be starting at quarterback for the Jets against the Ravens this Sunday and he’ll be starting all of their September games as long as he remains healthy enough to play.

Shortly after word that Flacco will get the nod for Week One broke, Jets head coach Robert Saleh said in a press conference that Wilson will not be available until Week 4 at the earliest. Wilson is recovering from having meniscus surgery after injuring his knee in the team’s first preseason game.

Wilson will not go on injured reserve because the Jets want him to practice in the coming weeks.

The timeline is a major change from what Saleh and the Jets have been saying recently. All word from the team was that Wilson had a chance of playing in the opener, but it appears that was just misdirection from the team about their plans.

After hosting the Ravens, the Jets travel to Cleveland and return home to face the Bengals in Week Three. They face the Steelers on the road in Week Four, so Flacco could get a long walk down his AFC North memory lane if Wilson remains out into October.

The Jets have maintained that Wilson will be the team’s quarterback as soon as he’s healthy enough to play, but an extended absence opens the door to the possibility of the team playing well enough under Flacco that some might argue against rocking the boat. While that would be a good thing for the Jets in the standings, it wouldn’t be the ideal way for Wilson’s second NFL season to unfold.

14 responses to “Zach Wilson won’t be available until at least Week 4

  1. 0-6 coming up

    Just End The Season

    When you bust in the top 15 at this clip, annually, there’s just no way to recover.

    I have no idea how the media keeps claiming the Jets have a talented roster with all this going on. Colin Cowherd actually thinks

    Someone the other day claimed the Jets WRs are better than NEs. In our world, down is up and up is down. It’s unreal to watch misinformation be spread around to try to create an alternate reality that selfish people want for themselves.

  2. Flacco wasn’t any good in his hey-day with the Ravens, just lucky enough to be on a very good defensive team at the time. And now, at what age? Oh my…

  3. This team is cursed since 69 and Joe Willy Namath. Hard to believe it, when he went down it didn’t look like anything bad happened. I wish the kid a speedy recovery by that time 0-4 looks like the record.

  4. His own kids think he stinks, as reported by Flacco himself. Love it! Flacco was Avg Joe during the regular season. But January Joe when the games counted. This game counts and Flacco will be caffeinated. Watch out Ravens, your enemy still possesses a canon. Go Jets!

  5. Something smells fishy…..How did it go from possibly playing week 1 to out until at least week 4????

  6. Well, based on Dr. David Chow (Sirius NFL Talk show) the bone bruise (bone colliding with bone) was the more serious part of the injury, and that alone is a typical 4-week recovery

  7. Trust me, the Jets are in no hurry to rush Wilson back. If they were smart they would start White. They need to confirm that they have at least one QB of the future on their roster.

  8. Jets fans should feel some optimism. I think Wilson is going to pan out, and Saleh could be the answer long-term at HC.

    This season will likely be about growing pains, but the future is bright (imo).

    Pats fans are just jealous of all young up & coming teams…

  9. Saleh is Mr. Crafty, playing mind games with the Ravens. Now what will Harbaugh do with the two game plans he had to develop for Wilson and Flacco?

  10. Pats fans desperate to get their last digs in before they actually have to play on Sunday. Then, they’ll disappear forever.

  11. ladyjet says:
    September 7, 2022 at 3:21 pm
    Pats fans desperate to get their last digs in before they actually have to play on Sunday. Then, they’ll disappear forever.

    28 9Rate This

    I busted out laughing at this! This is absolutely true. I know no one has the Jets making the playoffs but recently there’s been doubt rising with the Patriots as well

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