Frank Clark pleads no contest to gun charges in Los Angeles

NFL: AUG 07 Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp
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Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark settled his legal issues Thursday, pleading no contest to two counts of misdemeanor possession of an assault weapon, the Associated Press reports.

He was sentenced to one year of probation and 40 hours of community service stemming from his June 2021 arrest in Los Angeles. The judge also requested he host four free youth football camps, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said Clark has fulfilled the camp requirement.

Clark, 29, is scheduled to return to court March 29, 2023, to show he has completed the rest of his sentence.

He faces punishment from the NFL under the Personal Conduct Policy.

Clark was arrested March 12, 2021, along with another man, on a gun charge during a routine traffic stop in Los Angeles. Officers saw the muzzle of a firearm in a bag in the back seat and recovered two loaded firearms — one rifle and one handgun — from the vehicle.

Clark was arrested again three months later for felony illegal possession of a firearm. Police spotted an Uzi inside an open duffle bag during a routine traffic stop in Los Angeles. Clark claimed the gun belonged to a member of his security team.

During a news conference in training camp, he admitted that “at some point you have to grow up” and be an example for your children.

He did not practice with the Chiefs on Thursday because of an illness, but the Chiefs are counting on a rebound from Clark. He had only 4.5 sacks last season, his fewest since his rookie season.

10 responses to “Frank Clark pleads no contest to gun charges in Los Angeles

  1. There is no incentive for these guys to change their behavior until it gets really serious, like a second or third arrest. The courts basically let him walk. The team didn’t do anything. Goodell, well we all know he won’t do anything.

    If he wasn’t a ball player he would be paying hefty fines and potentially serving time.

    Just the guy you want running a camp for kids. Oh, that’s right, he saw the evil of his ways!

  2. Anyone think it is odd that a 6’ 3” 260 pound man needs a security team? He is a football player, defensive lineman to boot, not a head of state or even a petite model or Hollywood star. If he needs a security team, why is he just driving around with a friend? wouldn’t his life be at risk?

    Clark needs a babysitter and life coach/mentor not a security team that feels the need to carry uzis.

    Maybe the judge could’ve recommended that instead of requiring him to hold football camps. I don’t want kids around some clown that feels the need to have an armed security detail.

    What a joke.

  3. Living in Overland Park (I’m assuming), you absolutely do not need a security team. People in Missouri/Kansas love even their pro teams the way a small town lives their college team. I’m as pro gun as they get, but why would you invite that kind of trouble at a place like California when you have kids who need you to be alive?

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