Lamar Jackson recently spoke with at least one agent, but has no plans to hire one

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An unprecedented situation continues to unfold in Baltimore. And while that term sometimes gets overused, it’s entirely accurate in this case.

The Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson are trying to work out what would be a market-level, long-term deal. Jackson is proceeding without an agent. And while it’s his right to do so, the fact that he’s not represented has become one of the main reasons why a deal isn’t done.

For deals like this, the agent and the front office are in constant communication about the complexities and nuances of the contract. With Jackson getting ready for the first game of the regular season, that can’t happen.

And while there’s currently no reason to think Jackson will suddenly decide to hire an agent, Jackson has communicated (directly or through an intermediary) to one or more agents in recent days. Per multiple league sources, Jackson and/or someone assisting Jackson has spoken with at least one agent. However, as of now, Jackson has no plans to hire an agent.

He desperately needs an agent. If not an agent, he needs someone who can explain in objective, dispassionate terms the pros and cons and the costs and benefits of not taking the best offer the Ravens have made or will make.

The Ravens have in recent years paid significant contracts to multiple key players. There’s no reason to think that the Ravens are being stingy or unreasonable.

Ultimately, the question is whether Jackson is comfortable playing for $23 million this year with no guarantees beyond 2022, or whether he’ll take the best offer the Ravens will currently make. He needs someone who can give him sage and prudent advice. Often, agents will make their final determination and assessment based on the advice they’d give their son. Jackson needs someone with knowledge of the market dynamics, an understanding of all the risks Jackson is taking, and the ability to make sure he understands the potential downside of the bet he may be making on himself.

Fans and media love it when a player bets on himself, in large part because it’s not our money that’s at risk. For Jackson, there’s a chance he never gets the long-term deal that Ravens would currently give him. It’s important that he understands what he can get now, what he can get later, and the various ways it can all go sideways if he enters the season without a long-term contract. The best person to do that will be a competent and experienced agent.

10 responses to “Lamar Jackson recently spoke with at least one agent, but has no plans to hire one

  1. What happens last time a great ravens qb bet on himself in year 5?? He had an agent also. Stop the nonsense and how about we let the king play itt his way!. On the way to Arizona with Lamarvalouus!!

  2. One thing that troubles me about how NFL contract negotiations are discussed in the media is the stated perception that any NFL team would not give a specific contract $$$ amount based on being greedy or stingy. EVERY team pays significant contracts. With the exception of the Browns, every team is less than 10 million under the roughly 200 million salary cap for this year. The Browns are rolling cap space over to help pay for Watson’s contract, I assume.

    The only consideration for the Ravens is how much of that cap space do they want to devout to Lamar Jackson……. Period. Not wanting to pay players generally to keep the money in house just isn’t a thing anymore. Even the Bengals with the infamous Mike Brown are right at the cap. Chalk it up to business being good all the way around or good negotiating by the PA, but teams ain’t hoarding cap space for the sake of greed. Not anymore and not in years unless my memory is failing.

  3. Guaranteed contract means the money is in the bank. Nobody wants their cash ties up like that.

  4. Lamar Jackson likely isn’t worth $250 million, but the Ravens are lucky he doesnt sit out until he gets paid.
    Jackson could lose $140 million plus with a catastrophic injury this year.

  5. I hate the Ravens and I don’t like Lamar Jackson. That said, he needs to get paid. I hope he gets a decent contract and is smart with his money. He’s a good player, but he seriously needs a professional agent to solidify his financial future.

  6. NFL team would not give a specific contract $$$ amount based on being greedy or stingy. EVERY team pays significant contracts. With the exception of the Brows.


    Um the Brows gave out the most gaureted money ever to Watson. How is that being greedy?

  7. This could get interesting. If an agent got 3% of his contract, that is no small chunk of change. Do they pay for themselves? It seems like his guaranteed money will fall in the top 5 or so of current contracts. He can probably just use boilerplate language for the other provisions in the contract.

  8. They will wait him out and then tag him. Hire an agent and stop costing yourself millions. An agent for a qb contract won’t take even 3%.

  9. “He desperately needs an agent.”

    No, he doesn’t. What he needs to do is ensure that he has a two hundred million dollar Lloyds of London policy in case of injury.

    We get that you think that Lamar needs an agent in order to get a deal done, but any deal short of one that he wants is settling. He would be better off playing out his contract. Of course, an agent would counsel him to take the Raven’s best offer. Forget that. Franchise, franchise, free agency. IF the Ravens do not believe he is worth a fully guaranteed contract then they don’t believe in him. Only by reaching free agency will he find out if some other owner does.

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