Matt Ryan can reach 60,000 career passing yards on Sunday

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
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In his first start as a Colt on Sunday, Matt Ryan can reach a milestone only seven quarterbacks before him have achieved.

Ryan had 59,735 passing yards during his time with the Falcons, so if he passes for 265 yards on Sunday against the Texans, he’ll reach 60,000 career passing yards.

If he does it on Sunday, Ryan would have reached 60,000 yards in just 223 games, the second-fastest player ever to do it. (Drew Brees got to 60,000 passing yards in his 215th game.)

The other quarterbacks in the 60,000-yard club are Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers and Dan Marino.

Ryan also has 73 career games with at least 300 passing yards, tied for Philip Rivers for the fourth-most ever, and will have fourth place all to himself the next time he has a 300-yard game. Only Drew Brees (123 games), Tom Brady (108) and Peyton Manning (93) have thrown for 300 yards in a game more time than Ryan.

The 37-year-old Ryan is still 24,785 yards behind Brady, so he’d have to play at least six years after Brady retires to reach the all-time record. That’s probably not going to happen, but even if Ryan never reaches No. 1, he is putting himself in some very elite company.

10 responses to “Matt Ryan can reach 60,000 career passing yards on Sunday

  1. Since Dan the Man is all about numbers and not rings one could argue Ryan is better than Marino. I always said once Marino is 10th on the all time yards list he will be an afterthought.

  2. Dan Marino is the only quarterback to throw for 60,000 yards before defense was legislated out of the game.

  3. Ryan is a great regular season QB who puts up big numbers except the one that actually matters, championships. He is probably good enough to be considered in the top 28.3% of regular season QBs.

  4. It’s a shame Marino didn’t play in today’s game.

    He was an offense by himself.

    Matt Ryan doesn’t belong in same category.

  5. Matt Ryan wasted most of his career trying to get so-so Falcon teams to the SB. The one year he had one good enough to get to the SB, he runs into Brady and the Pats. The last few iterations of the Falcons he played with were flat putrid.

  6. Ryan would have won Super Bowl MVP in 2017. Yes, would’ve, should’ve, could’ve, but it was mainly Shanahan’s egotistical and moronic playcalling that lost that game. I am sure Ryan kicks himself for not calling audibles, though. Three short runs and a field goal would have sealed the deal and been his ticket to the Hall of Fame.

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