Nathaniel Hackett shrugs at Pete Carroll’s invitation to boo Russell Wilson

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On Thursday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll essentially gave Seattle fans express permission to let former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson hear it on Monday night. On Friday, Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett shrugged at Carroll giving the 12s a license to boo.

“I kind of randomly heard that,” Hackett told reporters. “In the end, for us, it’s about just going out to win a football game. We know it’s going to be a hostile environment, no matter who the quarterback is out there. I think that just the entire organization — I know that they appreciate him, and they know all the games that he’s won and all the things that he’s done for that community and everybody. We are proud to have him here in Denver. We’re going to rally around him and, either way, it’s a hostile place, so we’re excited for it.”

Wilson’s return makes the natural hostility a little stronger, especially if fans blame him for the divorce. In fairness, both sides are responsible. The Seahawks refused to embrace him like a true franchise quarterback. Wilson wanted to be more central to the offense. After getting two market-value contracts, the Seahawks didn’t want to do it again. So they traded him to a team that would.

While the fans shouldn’t make it petty or personal (by chanting, say, “Go Hawks” or “Let’s Ride”), and they definitely shouldn’t boo him relentlessly like Packers fans razzed Brett Favre in 2009, there’s nothing wrong with being loud and raucous and disruptive to Wilson’s efforts to run the offense and to help the team win the game.

22 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett shrugs at Pete Carroll’s invitation to boo Russell Wilson

  1. As a Denver fan, I’m stoked to have Rus on board– and I couldn’t care less if he gets booed in Seattle, or anywhere else. He’s a big boy, I’m sure he can handle it. Ain’t no drama here.

  2. They’re are going to start the game booing Russell Wilson, they’re going to end the game booing Geno Smith.

  3. The fans will cheer him pre-game but the moment he steps on the field he’ll get an opportunity to see (hear?) what it is like for any visiting QB in Seattle.

  4. COLD HARD FACT: Russell Wilson had a no-trade clause. He wanted to leave and Denver was his choice. Cheer him once when he enters (last salute) then jeer him every time he has to get plays from sideline or communicate audibles. Feel no guilt to heckle, he wanted out, now he can hear it.

  5. The 12’s are fair weather fans. By week 8 you will hear crickets chirping. And thank you Pete Carrol for giving NE a super bowl victory about 20 years after we hired you. And yeah those kids from USC love how you screwed them and bolted. You are the one who deserves to get boo’d.

  6. It’s football season. Everything is perfect. Enjoy the season, folks! There are less than 10 men on the planet that can do what Russell Wilson can do. I’m not going to cheer him or boo him. I’m just going to enjoy watching him play football.

  7. Well, everyone knows Packer fans have zero class and would boo a qb that won a SB for them. Stay classy Seahawks.

  8. Ain’t no drama in Denver “yet” – he hasn’t even thrown a pass! .. This is what is great about patience – y’all will find out soon enough .. Peeps think he’s some kinda ‘Peyton-Manning-to-the-rescue-type’ ..

  9. Pressure is on RW, it’d be embarrassing to return to SEA and get beat by Geno Smith. I’m stoked for this matchup

  10. Good on Hackett for not taking the media bait. The Seahawks and the fans did try to embrace Russ -as you say- as the franchise qb. And we’ll now see how much and for how long Denver embraces Russ.

  11. Hammmerr, as a Seahawks fan since the beginning, I’m not sure which is more painful: having to upvote this, or the seltzer shooting out my nose when I read it.

    Sadly (as a Seahawks fan), you are spot on here. I just hope our defense and run game are enough to hold off what will of course be a very well-prepared Wilson.

    And I bleed blue and lime green, but Wilson did a lot for our community, and the team. He deserves our full respect and gratitude, a warm welcome, then knocking his adorable head off of his fugly orange shoulders (figuratively!) for the next hour of play.

  12. They’re are going to start the game booing Russell Wilson, they’re going to end the game booing Geno Smith AND Drew Lock.

  13. The Hawks have been irrelevant ever since the Legion Of Boom.They should have gave it to Beast Mode.

  14. As one who endured the time after Bart Starr with names like John Hadl, Lynn Dickey, Rich Campbell, Don Horn and the like, Brett Favre brought the Packers back to relevance in the NFL and as long as he was with the team, I backed him fully. But once he started the “I might retire” two-step, went to the Jets so he could go to the hated Vikings, I was done. The man has the character of oh, for example, Donald J. Trump, a man he shamelessly associates with. And the fact that he’s involved with the welfare money scandal in Mississippi makes him even more unlikeable. He’ll always be a Packers legend but as a human being, he has too many flaws for me to admire.

  15. Hey, Russell Wilson deserves to be booked. That’s just me. Oh, by the way, can Pete Carroll import some Philadelphia fans?

  16. I’m not a huge fan of Carroll, but this story is patently false. He did not “invite fans to boo Wilson.” He basically said fans could make up their own minds how to behave. You know, like adults.

  17. Russell Wilson didn’t win the SB, the defense did! Highest paid player and this is the thanks you get.

  18. Making something out of nothing.

    Talk about reading something between the lines that isn’t even there.

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