Stephen Jones on not signing Von Miller: We made a “conscientious decision to go direction we went”

NFL: SEP 08 Bills at Rams
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Von Miller could not have had a better debut with the Bills. The edge rusher made four tackles, two sacks and three tackles for loss in Buffalo’s impressive season-opening rout of the Rams.

Cowboys’ Twitter immediately went into overdrive, thinking about what might have been.

After the Cowboys lost edge rusher Randy Gregory in free agency this spring, they showed interest in Miller. Miller grew up a huge Cowboys fan in the Dallas suburb of DeSoto, which is 25 miles from AT&T Stadium.

Miller has said he was willing to give the Cowboys a “hometown discount.” But the Cowboys reportedly offered him the same five year, $70 million deal they offered Gregory, which included two guaranteed years.

Miller, 33, also had an offer with two guaranteed years from the Rams.

He received a six-year, $120 million deal with the Bills that includes $51.4 million guaranteed in the first three years.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones was asked Friday if he had any regrets after seeing what Miller did Thursday night.

“Von Miller is a great football player,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via Mark Lane of WFAA. “I mean, you see them play at that level and especially this early there is a lot of school of thought on older guys like that that when you really get those guys are for more so for the playoffs than it is for the first part, middle of the season. Now, granted, I’m sure there was a little bit of motivation for Von playing for the Rams and winning a Super Bowl to go out there and showcase what he’s all about. There is a lot of players that if there was unlimited cap space that you could do things, but that wasn’t a short-term, one-year deal. It was a long-term deal, and we had to not only look at what we’re doing this year but look at what is going to be coming at us here in a year or two. Just made a conscientious decision there that we wanted to go with the direction that we went.”

Miller, who has a Super Bowl ring with the Broncos and another with the Rams, has 117.5 career sacks. That ranks 31st in NFL history and first among active players.

The Cowboys instead signed Dante Fowler in free agency, and he will back up Dorance Armstrong opposite DeMarcus Lawrence. Armstrong, Fowler and Lawrence have combined for 91 career sacks, though linebacker Micah Parsons had 13 sacks last season in winning NFL defensive rookie of the year honors.

29 responses to “Stephen Jones on not signing Von Miller: We made a “conscientious decision to go direction we went”

  1. You can’t sign everybody. I hesitate to question a HOF General Manager. He didn’t just go down to the local trophy shop and but three Lombardi Trophies. He knows how to do it. It’s just a matter of time until he gets another.

  2. She just can’t help herself. She has to find at least one negative Cowboys story each week. I’m surprised she hasn’t pointed out in the post how they drafted Taco Charlton over TJ Watt.

  3. There is no way Von Miller survives in that contract past that third year.
    You’re going to pay how much for a 36 soon to be 37 defensive lineman?

  4. Cant’ blame Jones and I think he summed it up just right. Miller has played in what 15 games in the past 3 seasons combined? Bills investment in Miller might backfire

  5. Lawrence is washed up and the others are scrubs. Parsons had a good year but he needs to prove he’s not a one hit wonder.
    Jones can get a thrill out of seeing all that cap savings while Miller is wreaking devastation on other teams. Buffalo is for real while cowboys are a hype train with no substance.

  6. You pay all the wrong players. And that is why you never win. Bc neither of you are true football minds. Just rich men who happen to own a team.

  7. I just want to remind people against overreacting. Khalil Mack’s Bears debut had a strip sack and a pick six as he gave them a “dominant identity as they develop franchise cornerstone Mitch Trubisky.” Von Miller didnt cost 2 1st round picks but he does cost 20m a year even with the out in 3 years as a 33 year old pass rusher that hasn’t had a ten sack season since 2018 (though he shows up in playoffs). Maybe he’ll continue to do that, but it’s a long season, and contract.

  8. I’ll take BB signing Nelson Agholar, Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry any day over that guy!

    I know it’s not the same money but I don’t care!

  9. The Cowboys never have a win now mentality. I guess that’s why they haven’t won in such a long time. Their idea of going all in is different from winning teams.

  10. Does he know the difference between the words “conscientious” and “conscious?”

    Seems like he doesn’t.

  11. I’m more disappointed with the Jones’ poor handling of the offensive line. Starting a rookie at left tackle is beyond foolish.

  12. The Cowboys defense should be very good this season, even without Miller. It’s their Offense that I would be concerned about.

  13. Von Miller made the right choice with the Buffalo Bills. Not only did he get more guaranteed money,the Bills are better built for a super bowl run and much better coached. And Josh Allen is head and shoulders above the QB Dak Prescott is….a healthy Von Miller can still give you 10-12 sacks a season.

  14. It’s rare to say these days, but the Cowboys made the right decision in not signing Miller. It’s not as if Dallas is lacking in pass rushers and the ones they have are all much younger than Von. And if Parsons shows that last year was just the beginning, they’re better off not throwing big money at a 33 year old player that they will need for Micah.
    It made more sense for Buffalo who clearly are going all in this year with this type of signing, and after one game their gamble looks good. (Though the Rams certainly helped with that appearance. Joe Noteboom who Miller abused Thursday night is out the next few weeks due to injury. We shall see in the coming weeks if that performance was the beginning of a trend rather than the high point for his season).

  15. Miller had a great opening game but he’s still old and has a history of injuries. That contract is going to be terrible for the Bills someday.

  16. Some here thought the Bills were throwing too much cash away at a player who many said had his best days behind him.

    Didn’t look like that the other night. He’s just what that line needed – and as predicted, he made everyone on that D better.

    They look like they could be a true #1 D this season (not like last year, where the ranking was kind of a mirage).

  17. Conscious, conscientious decision? Whatever. He wanted him, tried to get him, couldn’t get him because Zeke and Dak make too much money. He tried to make a bad decision to over pay for a good but aging and injury prone player.

  18. Miller had an impressive debut, I do agree with his take on him being juiced up for it being the Rams in their house and showing what they missed out on, but I will really be impressed if he’s able to carry that through the whole season much less the next 3, the games missed the last 3 seasons would definitely be a concern for me when sizing up a contract

  19. Lawrence is washed up and the others are scrubs. Parsons had a good year but he needs to prove he’s not a one hit wonder.
    Jones can get a thrill out of seeing all that cap savings while Miller is wreaking devastation on other teams. Buffalo is for real while cowboys are a hype train with no substance.

    For what it’s worth, Lawrence is far from washed up. He had a 91 pff last year and eats a double team every passing play and is a great run defender. Lawrence walks so that Parsons can run in our defense.

  20. Then there’s the chance to win his third SB ring with 3 different teams. The Bills may not be the lock for a SB berth but the Cowboys are a bad bet for one.

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