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Under his prior contract, Raiders tight end Darren Waller was woefully underpaid, at $6.75 million in remaining compensation this year and $7 million in 2023. He got a new deal on Saturday.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, here are the terms.

1. 2022 base salary: $11 million, fully guaranteed.

2. 2022 per-game roster bonus: $1.275 million total.

3. 2023 base salary: $11 million, $8.25 million of which is fully guaranteed at signing. The remaining $2.75 million becomes fully guarantee in March 2023.

4. 2023 per-game roster bonus: $1.275 million total.

5. 2023 offseason workout bonus: $200,000.

6. 2024 base salary: $10.25 million.

7. 2024 per-game roster bonus: $1.275 million total.

8. 2024 offseason workout bonus: $200,000.

9. 2025 base salary: $11.525 million.

10. 2025 per-game roster bonus: $1.275 million total.

11. 2025 offseason workout bonus: $200,000.

12. 2026 base salary: $13.525 million.

13. 2026 per-game roster bonus: $1.275 million total.

14. 2026 offseason workout bonus: $200,000.

15. 2022-26 incentives: $250,000, for making the Pro Bowl.

The deal includes $19.25 million fully guaranteed at signing.

Waller joins Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald and Falcons tackle Jake Matthews as the three other players 30 or older to receive extension with $17 million or more in new-money average despite having two years left on their current deals.

Waller has $6.375 million tied to being on the game-day roster, the most for a tight end.

The contract didn’t take the 17th game check of $735,294 each year into account. That actually reduces the new-money average to $16.75 million.

Basically, Waller got an $11 million raise over what he would have earned over the next two years. The Raiders thereafter have a year-to-year option for 2024, 2025, and 2026.

7 responses to “Inside the Darren Waller deal

  1. He deserved at least that kind of money. The business done by Zeigler has been pretty impressive so far…

  2. The previous regime kind of low balled him. But he did accept it. Darren still had TWO years remaining on his deal. He’s now fairly paid, but the bigger detail is this current regime extended him with not one but two years remaining. I’m impressed by this Dave and Josh team and as blasphemous as this might sound I think New England should have found a way to keep them and yes, I believe Bill, without Tom, should have been delicately asked to retire. That paramilitary act there won’t be tolerable to todays players when you go 6-11.

  3. Congratulations Darren. You have earned this. Looking forward to watching you as a member of the Silver and Black forvthe rest of your career. Just Win Baby.

  4. Seems like a great deal for the Raiders. Unfortunately for Waller he peaked too late in NFL “life” for a TE.

  5. Very happy the extension with Waller got done. He’s an important cog in offense.

    Let’s go Raiders!

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