Pete Carroll on Geno Smith: “I expect him to play well”

Tennessee Titans v Seattle Seahawks
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On Monday night, the Seahawks host the Broncos to start the season. Russell Wilson‘s former backup, Geno Smith, gets the start for the home team.

What does Seattle coach Pete Carroll expect of Smith, who hasn’t been a full-time starter since 2014?

“I expect him to be really solid,” Carroll told reporters on Monday. “I expect him to run the offense just like he has been doing it all along. I think he’s well experienced. He’s been around a long time. He’ll be poised about it, and he’s in command of it. And he’s seen a lot of the looks throughout the time we’ve been together in this camp. So he’s ready to go. I expect him to play well.”

Smith played well last year, when Wilson was injured. If Smith doesn’t play well this year, Drew Lock will get the assignment.

Carroll has made it clear that the competition continues between Smith and Lock. All too often, the player who wins a quarterback competition simply wins the right to be the first one benched. If Smith loses to Wilson on Monday night, Lock could inch closer to getting an opportunity to play.

9 responses to “Pete Carroll on Geno Smith: “I expect him to play well”

  1. We dont coach we’ve already seen him and he’s not very good at playing football. Good luck on Monday Night. Lets ride

  2. Smith has spent the bulk of his career up to this point as a journeyman backup.
    He may perform “well”, but there’s nothing about him that’s dynamic or sets him apart from the pack.
    If he showed more than that, he would have been starting somewhere before now.
    Seattle fans better hope he’s a late bloomer like Rich Gannon with the Raiders.

  3. Geno just needs to take care of the football and lean on his star WR’s and Penny. Throw the ball away and live to fight again when you get the ball back. 🏈

  4. I want to see Drew Lock come in the 2cd half and replace Geno and spur a huge comeback victory over the Donks.

  5. I’m thinking “I expect him to be really solid” is code for “Watch how it’s done Dolphins”….Pete’s about to show them how to tank and not get fined for it.

  6. Almost no difference between Geno an Russ last year. When Russ was in his prime it was a no-brainer but at this advanced stage of Russ’ career it’s a toss up.

  7. Geno played well in his time last year and looked solid this preseason. Unfortunately for him, people look over the good plays and throws and are only watching and waiting for his mistakes so they can say “see, I told ya so.” If he plays at the same level Russell played at last year, he’ll be scorched on social media. He won’t be perfect, but as long as he doesn’t hold the ball too long, take drive killing, self-induced sacks, or throw 60 yard bombs into triple coverage on 3rd and short like Russell’s done the past few years, it’ll be a breath of fresh air.

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