A.J. Brown runs wild as Eagles beat Lions

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions
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In his first game as an Eagle, A.J. Brown was exactly who Philadelphia hoped he would be.

Brown, the star wide receiver who arrived in Philadelphia via a draft-night trade with the Titans, was spectacular in his first game with the Eagles, catching 10 passes for 155 yards and leading Philadelphia to a 38-35 win in Detroit.

For most of the game it appeared that the Eagles would win in a blowout, but the Lions put together a spirited comeback, making it close until a Jalen Hurts fourth-and-1 run picked up the game-clinching first down.

Hurts ran for 90 yards on 17 carries, an outstanding effort running the ball. His passing performance didn’t feature much other than all those big plays to Brown, but that was more than enough.

The Eagles, who have playoff aspirations, earn a hard-fought road win to start the season 1-0. The Lions, who are not expected to be playoff contenders, looked like they still have a long way to go as they fell to 0-1.

20 responses to “A.J. Brown runs wild as Eagles beat Lions

  1. That ain’t the story.

    The story is Jonathon Gannon is AWFUL as a defensive coordinator. Look at our defensive talent and we are leaking points right and left against a terrible Lions team.

    They’re not terrible? Look at their roster and tell me who they’re better than!

    Gannon is PATHETIC.


  2. Nearly every writer on this staff pick the Eagles to win the division and advance in the playoffs. The lowly Lions give them all they can handle, yet the article ends with “looked like they still have a long way to go”. I’m not sure which way this will swing, but either the Eagles aren’t as good as everyone thinks, or the Lions aren’t that bad…

  3. Long way to go? I don’t think they are as far away from playoff contention as you think they are. That was a really good Eagles team with probably the best O-line in the game, a great D-line and secondary. The Lions can hang with the big boys.

  4. Annnd Dan Campbell, Dan Campbelled (called for a back breaking onside kick after we got it to within 10 points late in the 3rd).

  5. Campbell has the guys playing hard for him and he has enough offensive talent to win on most weeks. Unfortunately, the defensive side of the roster is still woefully short on talent. If they can infuse the team with significant contributors on the D, this team will be going places next season. Until they upgrade, Detroit will continue to see their opponents rack up 30 + points a game. Week after week after week….

  6. Tough well fought game, Detroit gave me a scare at the end….Detroit was looking for revenge after the embarrassment at home last year. The team play tough. I see a decent year for the Lions.

  7. Ill tell you where the Lions arent terrible. They yave a good oline and that running back is a stud. Maybe dont cry the sky is falling after winning a road game on opening day.

  8. The Lions gave us a scare but they played this way last year and won 3 games. Beat Arizona, Green Bay, Minnesota, tied Pittsburgh but still…3 wins. The darlings of the preseason still lost. Dan Campbell is NOT A GOOD COACH. Sorry. Passionate…yes. Entertaining…yes. He now is 8-21-1 as a head coach and people overlook this because he has so much passion, is fun to listen to. That is terrible. If his players were truly playing tough for him they would do that for 4 quarters and his teams wouldn’t have 8 wins in 30 games he has been a HC. Eagles took their foot off the gas. Had problems with Swift all game. Our run defense and playcalling has problems. Swift ran all over us today which is a concern. Goff sucked. Their defense sucks. We escaped with a win and I thought it would be a tougher game than last year. I will say I want the Lions fans to finally have a winner. Last playoff win 32 years ago. They deserve it big time but I 100% guaratee Dan Campbell will be fired in a year or two. How many more games can people say “but they play tough for him” and he keeps losing. Matt Patricia won 13 games as a HC. Had a better record his last year and he sucked.

  9. Campbell is good at the hype but terrible as a coach. Onside kick down 10 in the third. Rams gave three high picks to dump Goff for a reason, he’s awful. The fans will soon turn on Campbell as the losses mount. This is a 3-4 win team. Hard Knocks has fans thinking about the playoffs when this team isn’t close

  10. From the garbage football we’ve seen so far this season…both these teams looked pretty good.

  11. Lions are better than the credit they’ve been given. Eagles are really good BUT have a long way to go. Both teams wil get better. Lions could’ve stole one if not for Goff & Campbell’s crazy onside kick attempt

  12. Philly was supposed to win. They won by three . And the Lions have a long way to go ? Either Philly isn’t that good or the Lions aren’t that bad .

  13. Hurts isn’t that good. He’s going to get exposed versus a decent team. The final score is a bit off, it wasn’t that close. But, the Lions gave them a scare…that should worry Eagles fans, JMO.

  14. Maybe it’s not so bad if lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn leaves to become a head coach. Awful awful defensive display

  15. Outside of a few big plays, some questionable calls and the first series or two, the lions did not look anywhere near as good as their fans think they did. They spent most of the afternoon getting dominated. Jalen hurts ran for 90 yards. He looked like Michael Vick out there. AJ torched them. The Philadelphia defense gave up some things that they shouldn’t have and the lions were all amped up for the start of the season. Once the game settled in though, we see where these two teams are. Also noticed that once the Eagles adjusted, it was a different game. Definitely a lot to improve on for the Eagles as well, and nothing against the lions. They are improved but not ready to contend.

  16. Can’t judge a team or their season based on one game — or how cute they are on Hard Knocks. Calling for an on-side kick with the relatively new kick-off rules, doesn’t show grit, it shows stupidity.

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