Chargers hold on to defeat Raiders 24-19

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
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While the Raiders mounted a second-half comeback, the club ultimately couldn’t get it done and the Chargers held on for a 24-19 victory.

Las Vegas was down 17-3 at halftime, but got back in it with quarterback Derek Carr’s 18-yard touchdown running back Brandon Bolden to start the third quarter. Though Chargers signal-caller Justin Herbert then threw his third touchdown of the contest, tight end Daniel Carlson’s 55-yard field goal made it 24-13 late in the third quarter.

Los Angeles had a pair of chances to put the game away off of two Carr fourth-quarter picks, but couldn’t do it. The club went three-and-out deep in its own territory after one. And kicker Dustin Hopkins missed a 49-yard field goal wide left on the next.

The Raiders were finally able to take advantage of an opportunity, with tight end Darren Waller’s 31-yard reception putting the club at the L.A. 3. Davante Adams caught his first touchdown in a Raiders uniform, but the team could not convert the two-point conversion to keep the score at 24-19.

Vegas’ defense forced another punt when Herbert’s third-and-3 pass was broken up by cornerback Nate Hobbs. But Carr took back-to-back strip-sacks on third- and fourth-down plays in Raiders territory, essentially sealing the victory for the home team.

Those were the fourth and fifth sacks Carr took on Sunday. Carr finished the game 22-of-37 for 295 yards with two touchdowns and three picks.

In his Raiders debut, Adams had 10 catches on 17 targets for 141 yards with a TD.

Though Herbert wasn’t quite as dazzling in the second half, he had a solid game. Hebert finished 26-of-34 for 279 yards with three touchdowns — including a beautiful 23-yard seed to DeAndre Carter late in the second quarter.

The 1-0 Chargers will be on the road to face the Chiefs for Thursday Night Football in Week Two.

The Raiders will host the Cardinals for their home opener next Sunday.

26 responses to “Chargers hold on to defeat Raiders 24-19

  1. Did the refs miss that facemask at the end to keep our drive alive?! yes. Did it really matter? no.

    Derek played awful today, showed heart trying to get back in it but our defense was carrying and we didnt get it done. Even though the chargers gave up big plays for the most part they had us clamped. GG charger fans.

  2. Mack and Bosa! 6 sacks! Should have got an OL instead of Devante Adams.

    As predicted Raiders 0-1

  3. It’s really amazing how the NFL can have almost every game of opening weekend finish within a single possession, “coincidentally”.

    Amazing. Like, what are the odds?

    And a tied game, to boot…

  4. So obvious that Carr would struggle against Mack/Bosa. No OL is going to haunt the Raiders all season. Raiders D sucks too, really bad. Carr’s 3 INTs… is he bad.

  5. The Raider D kept them in that game in the second half, despite the rants of illiterate trolls.

  6. If I was a Charger fan I would be questioning how we had 3ints and all those sacks and won by only
    5 points. Chargers may have won but they aren’t SB Champs, far from it. Give them the W and press on…Herbert is a good QB but there is a LONG season ahead. 1 game doesn’t mean much at this point in the season.

  7. That was the worst performance by an o line that I’ve ever seen. Carr running for his life the whole game. And the coaching staff not have the offensive line starters set in stone is deplorable. How can you rotate offensive linemen in the regular season?! 3 different linemen group throughout the game including poor performers rotating back in! That is ineptitude bordering on unprofessionalism. This loss falls completely on josh McDaniels and ownership should already be questioning the decision to hire him.

  8. Carr kept forcing the ball into his butt buddy Davante Adams. Spread the ball around you back up QB.

  9. Raiders D allowed 24 points and some guy here is saying they suck. Not to mention the offense turned the ball over 2 times. They gave it their all In the 2nd half. Carr was poop.

  10. The Raiders defense is trash, they are a bottom 10 in the league. So what if they played well in the second half. Mack and Bosa sacked Carr a million times and forced INTs all day. Raiders D trying to be covered by their desperate delusional fans, lol.

  11. golforepar says:
    September 11, 2022 at 7:25 pm
    But I heard Adams was supposed to cure all?!


    Well he did have 10 catches, 141 yards, and a touchdown. So there’s that.

  12. we all knew the O-line was going to be an issue. defense actually played very well. O-line leads to sacks and makes carr rush his progressions. changes need to be made and fast

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