Giants play to win, beat Titans 21-20

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans
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Brian Daboll nailed his first big decision as the Giants head coach.

After trailing 13-0 at the break, the Giants found the end zone three times in the second half. The last of those scores was a one-yard pass by Daniel Jones to Chris Myarick and it left the Giants down 20-19. Daboll chose to go for two rather than try to tie the game and Saquon Barkley converted to put the Giants up 21-20 with 1:06 left in the game.

A pair of defensive holding penalties helped the Titans drive the ball into Giants territory with 29 seconds left to play and Ryan Tannehill hit rookie Kyle Phillips for a 21-yard catch. That put the Titans well within Randy Bullock‘s field goal range, but the veteran kicker missed wide left from 47 yards as time expired. That made Daboll a winner in his head coaching debut.

The two-point play capped a big day for Barkley. He opened a pivotal season by running 18 times for 164 yards and a touchdown. He broke off 68- and 33-yard runs that were reminiscent of the best parts of his first two seasons and it’s the kind of outing that will have a lot of Giants fans hoping that he’ll stay healthy enough to do the same kind of things all season.

Jones’ day was more uneven. He hit Sterling Shepard for a 65-yard touchdown, but threw a terrible interception in the end zone while staring Barkley down and also lost a fumble. Daboll could be seen giving Jones an earful on the sideline after the interception and the team will be looking for more consistency in the future.

The Titans will likely be looking for some more offensive consistency as well. They scored on three of their first four drives, but punted on five of the next six possessions and only converted 3-of-11 third down chances.

One of those failures came with just over five minutes to play on a third-and-1. The Titans gave ball to rookie tight end Chigs Okonkwo on a sweep that lost four yards while Derrick Henry was in the game. It was a curious call and the Titans will need to pull things together in a hurry because they’re set to be in Buffalo next Monday night.

The Giants will be heading home to take on the Panthers and this result means they’ll be getting a much warmer welcome than they’ve been accustomed to in recent years.

30 responses to “Giants play to win, beat Titans 21-20

  1. Barkley 194 yards total and barely saw him in pass game. Trade price just went up, way up. Giants should again try to extend him now as his value will just keep going up.

    Not having pass rushers was massive as we saw on last drive.

    Blake Martinez is coming back in my opinion. They’ll re-sign him this week if doesn’t go elsewhere. Calitro and Crowder were awful and McKinnie can give the dot back, focus on captaining the secondary and not whole defense.

    They actually shut Henry down…shocking as Henry leans into 5 yard gain. Tannehill went for 266. Credit goes to Belichick SB 20 game plan.

    Sterling Shepard tore achilles in December. Caught 65 yard bomb in September…give that some thought. Think LT, think Kobe…

  2. Brian Dabol & 31 other head coaches > Lovie Smith.

    To explain his decision to punt on 4th and 3 at the 50 with 30 seconds to go in OT, for a team that’s won just 8 times in two years, he said his D hadn’t been playing great.

    Yet early in the 4th qtr, up 20-3, on the Colts 34, also a 4th and 3, Texan’s D had been playing great and Lovie also decides to punt instead of kick a field field goal (Texans kicker was 2 for 2 and was kicking indoors). A field goal means it’s a 3 TD game. On Colts next drive on a 4th and 5, they kick a field goal making it a 2 score game instead of being forced to go for it.

    Lovie makes an excuse about OT but it’s the exact opposite early in the 4th qtr, and Lovie’s “not to lose” decision then sets the whole thing in motion to get to OT and eventually the tie.

    Texan fans will be wanting David Culley back soon.

  3. Thank you for all thumbs down from previous post. Barkley was amazing today. Credit to staff for putting him in a position to succeed. Commentary was awful. We all miss Madden and Summerall.

  4. Hard to have a better first game than Daboll just did. Just sliiiiightly better than Joe Judge’s “Blue Collar” speech.

  5. meadowlandssports says:
    September 11, 2022 at 7:44 pm

    Gutsy call by Daboll, but if you trust your back, he should be able to get 2 yards.
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    Excellent point. Jacobs will go into the ring of honor eventually and he’ll tell you Bark is more talented but TC always trusted Jacobs and he delivered in short yardage. Excellent point about trusting your RB!

  6. “Barkley 194 yards total and barely saw him in pass game. Trade price just went up, way up”

    No one is paying a lot for an off-injured rb.

  7. This was really an easy call for Daboll….he’s got a rebuilding team that no one expects anything from. This is a way to get behind the team and give them confidence. If he didn’t make it, so be it, no one expects them to win and the media and fans would still love the decision.

  8. People complain about Pete Caroll’s call of not handing off to Marshawn Lynch in the Super Bowl a few years ago.

    Lovey Smith would have punted.

  9. The Giants have everything to gain and nothing to lose. That was a gutsy call and a great way to start the season.

  10. howiehandles says:
    September 11, 2022 at 8:32 pm

    “Barkley 194 yards total and barely saw him in pass game. Trade price just went up, way up”

    No one is paying a lot for an off-injured rb.


    Great news, a 2nd contract is inevitable given the above logic.

  11. txdr says:
    September 11, 2022 at 8:41 pm

    People complain about Pete Caroll’s call of not handing off to Marshawn Lynch in the Super Bowl a few years ago.

    Lovey Smith would have punted.

    Seattle was defending champions with one of the best POWER backs over last 30 years playing in the SB and they don’t run it all 4 downs.

  12. Saquon Barkley leads the league in rushing with 2 games to play in week 1. No one would have expected that after the last 3 years. Johnathan Taylor is #2 and he played a full OT period. I don’t advocate trading Barkley but if this continues, they will get some decent offers. If it continues and they don’t trade him, they will have to tag him or lose him as his contract # will be just too high. It feels like Schoen would trade him at the right price but Mara sees him as a face of the franchise.

  13. Barkley is being paid over 7 mil this season. No one has cap space to trade for him. And if they did, it would be for low value. Ergo Barkley will finish this season as a giant. Next season is a different story as a free agent

  14. TEN is always this team. They play this trudging, burn-out-the clock, don’t make mistakes style but it also means they don’t often put teams away. Its why they could go into the playoffs a #1 seed and lose and it didn’t surprise anyone. They’re also really boring to watch.

  15. Had to eat a lot of crow for my vocal opinion of this year’s version of Big Blue at halftime. The egg did not wash off my face that easily either.

  16. Imho, Barkley is gone no matter what he does this season. Giants fans, enjoy his curtain call and be prepared to weep next year as he does these feats for someone else next year. Hopefully not Philly or Washington or anyone else in the NFC!

  17. How is no one talking about Vrabel’s decision not to run Henry on 3rd and 1? Instead, he ran a WR pitch.

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