Kliff Kingsbury: Cardinals need better practice habits

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
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The Cardinals suffered an ugly loss to open the season against the Chiefs today, and head coach Kliff Kingsbury says it starts on the practice field.

Kingsbury said after the game that practicing better needs to be addressed before next week’s game against the Raiders.

“Just practice habits, having a sense of urgency,” Kingsbury said, via Josh Weinfuss of ESPN. “We got to practice better. There’s no doubt. You can’t say you’re gonna do it on game day and not do it in practice.”

But when Kingsbury describes what the Cardinals need to improve upon, he’s describing one of his own responsibilities. The head coach is in charge of organizing the practice and ensuring that all of the assistant coaches and players are practicing productively. If the Cardinals’ practices aren’t going well, that’s on Kingsbury to fix.

And it needs to get fixed in a hurry: The Cardinals did not look good today, on either side of the ball. They need to look a lot better next Sunday, after a good week of practice.

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  1. Film study and practice are totally overrated. It’s awesome that Kyler is locked up for years. Cardinals got a bargain. Should have paid him MUCH more so we can get even MORE of these spectacular performances. Plus, he’s really, really fast! A hearty golf clap to the Cards for thier personnel moves. This all smells like a winning formula!

  2. I guess Kykers an easy target because of his off season and he’s certainly done himself no favors with his antics. But say what you want about him, he’s almost never EVER the reason they lose. Look at how he plays in losing efforts. Takes care of the football. No turnovers. Whereas Kliff Kingsbury has yet to prove that he can be a successful head coach. Like ANYWHERE. he has a losing record in college and in the pros. He’s lost 5-6 games on his own with time outs and in game blunders alone. And he’s coached like 5 NFL QBs. I’d start with Keim and Kingsburys right behind him.

  3. Poor practice habits? I guess you couldn’t fix that before entering this season? 10 years combined experience as a HC between the NCAA and NFL and you are clueless. I’m sure that mid season meltdown will come around even sooner this go round.

  4. Did I read the Cardinals defense is the lowest paid in the league? 32st maybe? It showed. At any rate, it’s safe to say AZ had major issues with studying, practice and a slew of injured veterans.

  5. Kliff should probably start talking with his agent about getting an interview for the Nebraska opening.

  6. A couple of thoughts:
    -Practice habits are on the coach, sooooooo look in the mirror, Mr. Stabbin’ Cabin.
    -Can’t coach away 5’6″, no fixing that.
    That is all.

  7. The coach is more worried about how he looks in sunglasses than good practice habits, the over-paid QB is more worried about being dissed for his size than understanding the game…the Cards will end up right where they deserve to be.

  8. In other words, Murray watching Looney Tunes is not “film study”. “Thhhaaattt’s all folks!”

  9. Thank God for Murray’s superior cognitive abilities or it would have gotten ugly. Well, uglier. And yeah, it can get worse.

  10. Cardinals set a bad example for their team by not holding Murray to watching film. Laziness breeds laziness.

  11. Sounds like he’s trying to expedite his firing, because that will be the first bullet point in the press conference explaining his dismissal.

  12. That statement probably sealed Kingbury’s fate as far as his job is concerned. If this is how his team is going to look every week,he will be done.

  13. Yikes, he would’ve been better taking the Belichick approach and said nothing. Then again Belichick is struggling with that too.

  14. Banner Day for Patrick Mahomes. Thanks Cardinals. Blitzing Pat constantly was a head scratcher. Cards played better than the 49ers, Packers, Cowboys and Rams. Chiefs were slaying any team in front of them, today.

  15. Head Coach and QB are the 2 most important positions in football and the Cardinals have neither. They also have a bad GM.

  16. The Cards were on to something when they wrote the study line clause into the contract but they know they never should of given Murray a new contract anyway.

  17. Their first mistake was keeping Kingsbury and Keim. Their second mistake was signing Murray to an extension that will make him untradable. And what a bummer for the Cardinal fans. They’ve supported their team through a LOT of lean years and just when they think the Cards have turned the corner, they find out the team is living on the edge of the playoffs. Just to the point where they are as good as the skills Murray has, but not enough to turn them into a real contender. Ya gotta feel bad for their fans.

  18. Cardinals are “led” by a frat boy in charge of the kegs at head coach and a quarterback who’s too lazy to study and throws a hissy fit whenever things don’t go his way. just a guess but don’t think practice habits are going to suddenly get better. sorry Cardinal fans, after inking the too short toddler QB to a salary cap killing contract, we’ll see you again in about a decade. maybe. until then, enjoy the frat party.

  19. The Cards entire game plan got blown up in the 1st quarter, down 20-7. On 9/11 JJ Watt is always MIA. And Vance Joseph blitzing on 53% of the plays was like serving Mahomes steak with ketchup. How can Joseph, who coached in Denver, not know to stop blitzing this guy? How? So Kliff isn’t the only one not doing his homework

  20. Also points to why strength of schedule stuff is meaningless. NFC was probably best division in football a year ago. It’s shaping up to be abysmal this year. Probably 10-7 or 9-8 might win that division this year. All of the teams took a step back on paper and three of them have looked it on the field so far.

  21. They play like they practice and that is a reflection on the head coach……always has been and always will be….he should probably fire himself

  22. Week 1 BS!…..overreaction week 1!……cards missing all sorts of players!…..Remember….cards destroyed Tennessee week 1 last year!……off to 8-1 record….same with Green Bay…same with 49er’s…Patriots!…Rams (superbowl champs)…..lol…only 1 team can be the the winner!…..

  23. I mean I know the Cards looked pathetic but it was only one game …. The season could still go either way. Commanders fan.

  24. Klingsbury and Murray are set for life. They can ride this roller coaster all the way down while laughing. Everyone knows that Murray doesn’t like to study at this point and yet when he through his social media hissy fit like a toddler they gave him what he wanted. You don’t enable people and then act surprised when they don’t do what you want them to do.

  25. Sometimes the jokes write themselves. Wasnt Murray supposed to be studying coach? and isn’t that your job ti get the team ready to play? Just wondering.

  26. AZ needs to get healthy. They were missing half of their starters on both sides of the ball and it showed. Good news is everyone will be healthy and ready to go for next weeks game versus Vegas. I expect they’ll look a lot better on Sunday, I think they’ll sign one more veteran corner this week to.

  27. The Cards will be fine. When you run into a red hot Patrick Mahomes, it usually doesn’t end well. Same thing with the Rams getting a red hot Josh Allen. No need to panic. Next week will be much easier.

  28. I would not even consider that a game yesterday. It was more like a 3 hour long Patrick Mahomes Documentary. That guy is an exceptional QB.

  29. But Kyler said it was a great week of practice. Which is it Kliff? Does practice need to be better or was it great? Sounds like you and your QB aren’t only not on the same page, but you aren’t even in the same book.

  30. Kyler Murray Is exposed for what he is. It takes long hours of dedication when all others have already left the building and went home. Just ask Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

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