Kyler Murray: The Chiefs kicked our ass

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray used one sentence at the start of his press conference to sum up his team’s performance in Sunday’s 44-21 loss to the Chiefs:

“They kicked our ass.”

Kansas City held a 37-7 lead with 3:56 left in the third quarter after quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw his fifth touchdown pass of the day. Arizona scored a pair of cosmetic touchdowns in the fourth quarter, but the team was never really in it.

“I think key moments in that game, we hurt ourselves. I know we hurt ourselves, shot ourselves in the foot in a lot of those moments,” Murray said in his postgame press conference. “Credit to them, like I said. There’s no shying away from what happened. But as far as us, you look in the mirror — attention to detail. The little things, the little things, the little things, we did not execute in the moments where we needed to. And that’s what happens when you play a good team.”

Murray added he thought it was a good thing to have such a poor performance early in the season.

“You can’t feel yourself in this league. You get embarrassed. And that’s kind of what happened today,” Murray said. “Good team over there. They executed. You could tell, there was a complete difference — energy was higher. And they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot. That’s what’s going to happen when you do those things.”

Murray said he felt like the Cardinals had a good week of practice, but none of it matters if they don’t execute during the game.

“Everybody says what they want to say about the week, mentality, and all that shit — it doesn’t matter,” Murray said. “You come out there on Sunday and get your ass beat, that’s what happens. You can come into the game, you can wake up [with] the best feeling ever, and you’ll still get your ass beat on Sunday if you don’t execute. You’ve got to execute — that’s all it comes down to.”

The Cardinals will have a chance to get in the win column next Sunday against the Raiders.

11 responses to “Kyler Murray: The Chiefs kicked our ass

  1. But as far as us, you look in the mirror — attention to detail. The little things, the little things,

    Right… the little QB

  2. Murray has some blame here. But that Arizona defense was without pressure and any real back end presence.

    You don’t get 44 points put on ya and walk away blaming the QB.

    KC was out to send a message, just like BUF did. They are the premier elite favorites this year. And the NFL is taking notice.

  3. Steve keim has done a team no favors. He put all his money and resources into the office of cider ball. That defense sucks. You let Chandler Jones the franchise leader is sacks walk out of the door without any compensation. You’re almost paying JJ Watt the same amount as you would have paid chandler this year and watt never plays. JJ Watt plays as much as Anthony Davis plays for the Lakers. A total miscalculation of resources by keim. People come to Arizona to get one last big check and retire in scottsdale. Like Terrell Suggs. Keim is horrible.

  4. Now that he’s been paid, he will tell you all the good things and deflects any responsibility for his poor play. Just read back his quotes in this article.

  5. Good ol’ Vance Joseph, blitzing 53% of the time against Mahomes. He apparently didn’t learn his lesson in Denver all those years. Kyler isn’t the only one not doing his homework. Everybody knows you don’t blitz Mahomes.

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