Lamar Jackson may be “pissed” about leaks from NFLPA to ESPN

Washington Commanders v Baltimore Ravens
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The Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson had done a very effective job of keeping extremely quiet any and all details about the offer(s) made by Baltimore to their franchise quarterback. That ended on Sunday, with Chris Mortensen of ESPN disclosing plenty of details about the contract.

The report has the union’s fingerprints all over it, in part because Mortensen specifically identified in one of his tweets “union sources.” In other words, someone from the union was talking. Per a source with knowledge of Jackson’s mindset regarding the negotiations, he will be “pissed” that something was said by someone with the NFL Players Association.

Other evidence that the reporting came from the union includes the omissions from the details of the deal. There was no mention of the cash flow in year one or year two. If the Ravens were leaking the information, that likely would have been included. Because it is likely very significant in magnitude. And because it balances out the insistence on a fully-guaranteed deal.

Also, the notion that the rejected is worth up to $290 million, as reported by Mortensen, was simply wrong — as evidenced by ESPN pushing a new story that ditches the $290 million number and replaces it with $250 million.

16 responses to “Lamar Jackson may be “pissed” about leaks from NFLPA to ESPN

  1. Maybe the Ravens purposely excluded those details do it would look like the players union did it.

  2. Just read elsewhere that Lamar turned down a Wilson sized contract, someone needs to remind Jackson that he’s no where close to a top QB, he’s regressed big time the last two seasons!

    I think the Ravens are idiots for offering him anywhere close to Russ money, he’s no where close to being as good as Wilson!

  3. It is not QBs that should be pushing for this. They almost always get their money. It is the RBs and OL of the world that need that guaranteed money. Replacing a QB can take a life time or if your a Bears fan, a couple of lifetimes. If your an elite QB your more worried about out playing your ridiculous number, Rodgers and Mahomes, but if your top 12 in the league you will see your paychecks even after a down year or two just because it is so difficult to replace you. Pressure Von Miller not to take a ridiculous contract or Devonte Adams who will get cut in 3 years because they aren’t paying you $35M at age 33.

  4. I can’t believe that the Ravens offered Jackson that much,guaranteed. Even harder to believe that he turned it down. He will regret it because he will probably won’t see an offer close to that number again. This is why guys have agents.

  5. If the 7th best QB in the AFC will get that much dough, I can’t wait to see the deals Allen, Herbert, and Burrow get.

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