Last year of Sunday Ticket on DirecTV doesn’t start well

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Since 1994, DirecTV has provided to fans the Sunday Ticket package. This will be DirecTV’s last season with the product. It hasn’t gotten off to a good start.

Complaints about Sunday Ticket are rampant on social media. Our own MDS has been unable to access it, because (according to DirecTV) he is in an NFL stadium. (He is not.)

For fans not currently in a stadium, it’s currently a challenge to watch the games that aren’t otherwise available on local TV. And there is a wide variety of complaints being articulated by fans who are struggling to watch the games.

Next year, Sunday Ticket will become a streaming product, likely sold to Apple, Amazon, or some other tech company. Hopefully for the league and its next Sunday Ticket partner, things will go a lot more smoothly in 2023 and beyond.

7 responses to “Last year of Sunday Ticket on DirecTV doesn’t start well

  1. I’ve streamed it for years off their app and my fire stick. Working great! And free red zone channel this week.

  2. I must be an outlier.
    I’m watching DTV right now and experiencing no problems.
    I’ve found that if you keep your account current, you usually don’t have any problems.

  3. Thank god for the app version. Why they wouldn’t make this available for everyone I have no idea. It’s fantastic.

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