Patrick Mahomes’ left wrist is sore


Patrick Mahomes injured his left wrist on his first of five touchdown passes Sunday. The Chiefs quarterback played through the injury, though it was heavily wrapped.

“I fell on it on that first touchdown, kind of just threw my hand back and fell on it,” Mahomes said after the game, via Charles Goldman of USA Today. “I just got it look at and everything looked good so hopefully it’s not something that lingers around, something that we can kind of get cleared up quickly.”

It didn’t appear to bother him as Mahomes went 30-of-39 for 360 yards, and X-rays were negative, but the Chiefs have a quick turnaround. They play the Chargers on Thursday night.

“I mean, it’s sore now for sure,” Mahomes said. “Definitely we went and looked at it, and got all the X-rays and stuff like that. Everything looked good. So we’re happy with that, and now it’s a short week so you have to be ready to go. But as the season goes on you’re going to have those bruises and stuff like that. You have to be able to play through them.”

Offensive lineman Trey Smith (ankle), cornerback Trent McDuffie (hamstring strain), receiver Justin Watson (chest) and kicker Harrison Butker (ankle) also were injured during the game. Butker kicked despite his injury.

9 responses to “Patrick Mahomes’ left wrist is sore

  1. Excuses already? I thought Patty saved those for the postseason… setting it up early I guess.

  2. Chiefs got banged up today and have a short week, won’t matter, though. Bolts enter Arrowhead on Thursday Night and it’s going to be an epic game. Chiefs will be ready

  3. Mahomes did take some shots early. They took him out with 5 minutes to play. I almost thought they should’ve taken him out late in the 3rd quarter. Reid has a habit of leaving Mahomes in there even in blowouts.

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