Patrick Mahomes unstoppable as Chiefs blow out Cardinals

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes looked as good as ever on Sunday in Arizona.

Mahomes was nearly flawless against the Cardinals, completing 30 of 39 passes for 360 yards, with five touchdowns, no interceptions and no sacks, as the Chiefs dominated the Cardinals 44-21.

Some questioned whether the Chiefs’ offense would miss Tyreek Hill this season, and perhaps it will. But it sure didn’t today: Mahomes could do whatever he wanted, spreading the ball among Travis Kelce, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

The Chiefs’ defense also played very well against a Cardinals offense that couldn’t do much of anything, either on the ground or through the air. The Cardinals may have missed the suspended wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins more than the Chiefs missed Hill. The good news for the Cardinals is that Hopkins will be back after the sixth game of the season.

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown caught his first touchdown pass as a Cardinal but didn’t do much beyond that.

For the Chiefs, the big win solidified their status as one of the elite teams in the NFL. For the Cardinals, a big loss is a frustrating start to a season in which they have big expectations.

32 responses to “Patrick Mahomes unstoppable as Chiefs blow out Cardinals

  1. Forget the homework clause, the Cardinals should have put a refund clause in Kyler Murray’s contract.

  2. Not enough homework for the entirety of the Cardinals, should put a homework clause for all of those defenders. They were lost for 60 minutes.

  3. I love how everyone bashes Murray, people who have probably never actually watched a Murray game. He can’t block for himself or tackle anyone on defense, it’s not a one man show folks.

  4. billzondarise says:
    September 11, 2022 at 7:48 pm
    Cardinals are a good team and Kyler Murray is a franchise QB.

    Kyle Murray NFL record is 22-25-1 so either he’s not a franchise QB or the Cards just aren’t good.

  5. Im sure the Cards are really happy they caved to the little guys demands. Hes not a franchise QB and he never will be. No need to sign him to that big contract.

  6. Where are all of the people that kept saying Mahomes and the Chiefs were going to struggle without Tyreek? This balanced offense with a deeper WR room is already in mid-season form. Another L for the misinformed, “hot take” nation!

  7. Looks like Pete is the genius we all thought he is… Seahawks all alone at the top of the NFC West!!!

  8. “This balanced offense with a deeper WR room is already in mid-season form.”

    The crazy thing is they really aren’t. A couple big misses to Hardman while MVS and Moore didn’t bring much today.

    Mahomes has Kelce and it looks like a good start with Ju Ju but still a TON of progress to be made with this new squad. Scary.

  9. I can’t decipher if most of you just know very little about football or if you’re trying to pile it on for “other” reasons. I’m not Cards fan, not even a little bit of you think Kyler was the reason they lost the game you’re just ridiculous. He was efficient. Had zero turnovers and moved the ball effectively. With no receivers. Again, I’m no cards fan but it’s obvious why you want to attack Kyler. I’d start with Keim first who foolishly put all his resources into the offense and zero on defense (not mention the failed draft picks). You choose to pay JJ watt who plays just as much as Anthony Davis plays for the lakers while you let handler Jones walk for nothing. And they’re almost making the same money this year. But yeah we can blame Kyler. SMH

  10. The QB with the bigger contract won…. Right? How did you pay that little guy more than Mahomes? If your team has that many holes, you can’t fill them all by overpaying a QB who won’t lead you anywhere. Teams are out there handing out big contracts like the money is what makes the player great.

  11. Good game for Mahomes to pad his stats. The Cardinals are awful. Kingsbury may not survive the season.

  12. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    September 11, 2022 at 8:44 pm
    Andy Reid teams dominate in September. The Patriots dominate in December and January.

    It isn’t 2012 any more bud. Patriots fans look like they’re about to go through a tough decade (we’ll give you credit for time served the last two years, so the good news only 8 more years of being the new afterthought).

  13. Murray is a complete joke. He can’t see the middle of the field. He is a major injury waiting to happen. But he had the last word by getting a new contract before season 2022, which is a major mistake by the Cards.

  14. realitycheckbaby says:

    Kyle Murray NFL record is 22-25-1 so either he’s not a franchise QB or the Cards just aren’t good.
    Sarcasm is just lost on some people.

  15. Andy Reid teams dominate in September. The Patriots dominate in December and January….Except the Pats are like 5-11 in December & January since Tom left. But keep looking back…it’s much brighter than your future.

  16. Kyler’s not the only one not doing his homework. Howsabout Vance Joseph dialing up blitzes on 53% of his plays? He coached against Mahomes in Denver twice a year and he still doesn’t know that Mahomes feasts on blitzes like steak with ketchup.

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