Soldier Field has a drainage issue

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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The good news is that they have new grass at Soldier Field. The bad news is that it’s covered in rain.

After the grounds crew removed a white tarp that created a September snow-day vibe, the turf gathered water. A lot of water. A whole lot of water.

Look at the photos. There are puddles of standing water on the turf. They’re using flat squeegees to push the water off the field.

Apparently, this video isn’t fake.

The rain is supposed to keep coming. So it could be an ugly, sloppy game between the 49ers and Bears.

The development comes at a time when the Bears are plotting to leave Chicago and Soldier Field. There will be suspicion, right or wrong, that the stadium situation is a factor in the quality of the drainage.

14 responses to “Soldier Field has a drainage issue

  1. There are many other pressing issues in Chicago other than a drainage problem at Soldier Field!

    The Bears will be in Arlington Heights soon!

  2. Soldier Field is the worst. Not sure why the NFL & NFLPA allows this,they need to protect their players

  3. What an embarrassment for an NFL field. I guess this will be a ground and pound affair. Who will swim for the victory today? What a joke.

  4. Well atleast you don’t have the horrible grass like green bay has. Two outdated outhouses. Build new stadiums! Not that hard.

  5. Chicago has drainage issues and Minnesota can’t figure out how to make a roof safe. Just pathetic!

  6. Big Fields improvement – only 1 interception in the 1st half. It is going to be a very long season.

  7. Some of you are saying this is the worst stadium in football but according to profootball talk Fed Ex field is!

  8. If the NFL doesn’t want the games to look like they’re rigged, they are doing a terrible job of it.

    I’ve never seen a defensive holding call against a lineman who was double teamed in my 44 years of consciously watching football.

    This was a trash display by the NFL on every front, beginning with the garbage field.

  9. The old Dallas stadium had roughly a 3 foot “crown” in the middle of the field for drainage considerations – just an example. Who puts in a completely flat field?

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