Steelers hold out hope for partially torn pec for T.J. Watt

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
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Lip readers with a moderate amount of skill knew right away that Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt believed he had suffered a torn pectoral muscle on Sunday in Cincinnati. The precise diagnosis is still pending.

Per a league source, the Steelers are holding out hope that it’s only a partial tear. That would allow him to return sooner, obviously, than if it’s a full tear.

A precise diagnosis is expected on Monday, when he undergoes an MRI.

Even if it’s fully torn, there’s a chance he could be back for the postseason, if the Steelers get there. It will be harder to get there without him, of course. He’s one of the best players in the entire league. The Steelers will miss him if he’s not there.

Alex Highsmith, the other outside linebacker, had three sacks on Sunday. Malik Reed replaces Watt.

14 responses to “Steelers hold out hope for partially torn pec for T.J. Watt

  1. He didn’t seem to be in much pain. I ruptured my pec and I had very little pain. Partial tears are more painful…

  2. We all should. They don’t make them like him anymore, and that would be a shame if we don’t get to see him anymore this year. He singlehandedly wrecked the Bengals in the first half. I think the only other time I’ve seen a defensive player do that is LT, the real LT for the kids.

  3. I don’t think it matters for next week but could derail their season. Minkah and company will be able to get their hands on plenty of Mac’s passes next weekend and it’s not gonna take much to get through that Swiss cheese offensive line. This could change the way their season goes. He may be handsomely paid but the dude earns it. He’s a game wrecker.

  4. TJ is Defensive player of the year for a reason. He is top 3. Best wishes and partial. Bunglas are the Bungals and the refs gave them every chance to win it.

  5. Ugh, hate seeing this. Not a Steelers fan but my heart goes out to them. Great/elite players are what makes the NFL fun. I sincerely hope that Watt’s injury is less serious than it seems.

  6. Just listen to the Steelers fanboys beat their chests and wine about the refs at the same time. Bengals literally handed them a blowout and they couldn’t take it. 5 turnovers, our number two reciever (which would be the Steelers number one) taken out by an unflagged dirty hit, and no longsnapper, and you barely hang on for an OT win.

  7. Great signing… another roided out Watt with perennial injuries. Good for him fleecing the Steelers after a few shots.

  8. Very bad news. Bigger issue is that stagnant offense. Defense can only come up with so many miracles.
    Perhaps it’s Matt Canada, but regardless the cries for Kenny P will be coming sooner than we thought…

  9. Well he was injured on a play where he threw an uppercut to the face of the RT which is a common occurrence with him. Extremely talented player that needs to learn to play within the rules. He seems to have difficulty with that.

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