Zac Taylor: We didn’t run clock before OT punt because of snapping issues

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Bengals lost long snapper Clark Harris to an injury in Sunday’s game against the Steelers and his absence loomed large in the 23-20 overtime loss.

Tight end Mitchell Wilcox stepped in for Harris and snapping issues contributed to Evan McPherson missing an extra point at the end of regulation and a field goal in overtime. Head coach Zac Taylor called those miscues “disheartening” and said they also led the Bengals to snap the ball with 13 seconds left on the play clock on a punt with just over a minute to go in overtime.

“New operation,” Taylor said. “We snapped there with 13 seconds, I understand that, trust me, we’d rather do something different. But just trying to make sure the operation ran smoothly, it turned out that we sacrificed some seconds just to make sure that we were all on the same page there.”

The Steelers were able to drive 45 yards in 56 seconds for Chris Boswell‘s game-winning field goal. The Bengals can’t know if draining more time would have led to a different outcome, but it has to be hard for them to imagine that the result would have been the same with Harris on hand.

11 responses to “Zac Taylor: We didn’t run clock before OT punt because of snapping issues

  1. If you wanted to make sure it ran smoothly with the new snapper, you run off the 14 seconds, take the delay of game penalty, and then punt it. Not letting the play clock run down was an embarrassing move by the head coach at that point. He could have taken the tie but instead he gave his team a loss.

  2. Awful game by the Bengals, and they had no right being this close. Props to the Steelers d, they owned the game. That said, I never thought I’d see so plainly how having Clark Harris and his glorious mane in the game would impact McPhersons game as I did today. Nightmares everywhere.

  3. The clock management and play calling was beyond head scratching…so is the fan request to play for the tie.

  4. Not the stupidest idea, but… an NFL HC should be smarter. As AddictedZone points out, a much better idea would have been to do nothing until the clock ran out, take the delay, and then snap it when everyone was ready. In fact, even with the regular guys in there, taking the delay would have been the smart play.

  5. That’s a lie. They were at midfield, they could have just taken the delay of game and used the extra 15 seconds on the clock. It wouldn’t have affected field position and those extra 15 seconds allowed the Steelers an opportunity to kick the FG. Yeah, the defense should have stepped up but Zac Taylor mismanaged a ton of things in the game, time management among them, and the offensive playcalling was atrocious. There’s a reason he was on the hot seat before they went on that crazy SB run last year.

  6. His explanation makes no sense as the best thing there would have been a delay of game penalty. I believe Huber made the mistake of calling for that ball too early. He also should have fallen on the bad snap 3rd down kick. Mental errors by the most experienced player on the field

  7. If Burrow struggles this team has no chance of victory, Taylor is a mediocre HC at best. Getting Chase saved his job but if he can’t manage a game better the Bengals will need a new HC that is actually competent and can elevate the team instead of the team winning inspite of him.

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