A.J. Brown: “Kind of overwhelming” to set Eagles record in first game with team

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions
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Wide receiver A.J. Brown made quite the first impression in his Eagles debut.

Brown caught 10 passes for 155 yards to help propel the Eagles to a 38-35 win in Detroit. That set a new franchise record for most receiving yards in a player’s first game with the Eagles and Brown said after the game that “it’s kind of overwhelming that I get to scratch my name in that book.”

While Brown will be a big part of offensive coordinator Shane Steichen’s plans every week, he expects there will be some weeks when DeVonta Smith or Dallas Goedert winds up setting the pace for the offense.

“Sometimes the ball just keeps finding you, and I got hot early,” Brown said. “We knew we had weapons on offense and today it was my day. Next week it could be DeVonta’s day or Dallas’s day. We have a lot of skill players on offense and trying to get everybody the ball is probably really hard on Shane.”

That can be filed under good problems to have because more pressing issues exist on defense after allowing the Lions to make a game of it in the fourth quarter.

15 responses to “A.J. Brown: “Kind of overwhelming” to set Eagles record in first game with team

  1. AJ was unstopable and the Lions failed to make adjustments to cover him. That said, the Lions’ foolish onside kick essentially gave the Eagles the game. Kick that away and there’s a decent chance the Eagles wouldn’t be so happy.

  2. Wait, it was overwhelming to set the record for most yards by a player in his first game with the team when the record he set was most yards by a player in the first game with the team? Correct me if I am wrong, but that was literally the ONLY time he could have set that record.

  3. Eagles defense will be fine. All about a low-key training camp and starters not playing in the pre-season. Lots of missed tackles/assignments, and conditioning issues that will easily be fixed. Offense was also rusty – and still put-up 31 pts. on the road in loud building. All the pieces are in place for them to win NFC East handily and, with strength of schedule in their favor, contend for #1 seed.

  4. Everybody knew AJ would be Hurts primary target. Yet, Detroit could not stop him. The rest of the teams on the Eagle schedule should be afraid…very afraid.

  5. That 155 yards will cover 4 weeks right…just baking in time for his allotment of missed games per season

  6. Aaron Glenn is a great guy but is a terrible DC. It’s the same story for the Lions, can’t stop a running QB and make no adjustments to stop plays or players from repeatedly burning the defense. Playing zone on third and less then 10 having your DBs playing 10 yards off the receiver is just plain stupid. Campbell pulled the trigger on Lynn last year for an under performing offense and he needs to do the same with Glenn this year.

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