Dak Prescott: It’s very disappointing, but injuries happen

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys
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Dak Prescott started the first 64 games of his career and played nearly every offensive snap. But in Week 5 of the 2020 season the Cowboys quarterback had a compound fracture and dislocation of his ankle that ended his season. In 2021, he had a shoulder injury that kept him out of part of training camp and a calf injury that kept him out a game.

Now, in Sunday’s season opener, he was diagnosed with a fracture in his thumb that will require surgery Monday.

Prescott showed up to his postgame news conference with a black splint on his injured right hand.

“Yeah, it’s very disappointing, but injuries happen,” Prescott said. “Can’t necessarily control it. Just unfortunate. I’m obviously going to miss some time, not be there for my team. That’s what hurts more than anything, especially after the start that we just put out there. I wanted to be able to respond and not necessarily having that opportunity for several weeks. Yeah, it’s unfortunate, but I’ll do what I’ve always done anytime adversity comes. Take it on head first and I’ll give my best, and I’m sure I’ll come out of this better.”

Prescott will miss multiple weeks, but the injury is not season ending.

“You have to look at the fact that, no, he is not out for the year in any way. He’ll be out several games, but not out for the year,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “Let’s just get in here and win some games and be there so we can compete for that playoff when the time comes.”

With 6:02 remaining of the season-opening 19-3 loss to the Bucs, Prescott completed a pass to Ezekiel Elliott for a 3-yard loss. His throwing hand hit the hand of Shaq Barrett on his follow through.

“Thought I jammed it,” Prescott said. “I mean, I’ve hit on however many bodies, a lot in my career, and never really had anything [except] maybe a jammed finger, and I actually thought that’s what it was. The next play I realized I couldn’t grip the ball, let the sideline know. Then, when I got off, I told the trainers the same thing. I said, ‘I can’t grip it. I feel like if you yank it, I’ll be OK,’ and I came in and got X-rays and things were different.”

Cooper Rush will take over as the Cowboys’ quarterback in the interim with Will Grier as the backup.

45 responses to “Dak Prescott: It’s very disappointing, but injuries happen

  1. Another example of how inflated, veteran QB salaries can throw a team off kilter under the cap. Dallas is toast this year.

  2. “He’ll be out several games, but not out for the year,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “Let’s just get in here and win some games and be there so we can compete for that playoff when the time comes.”

    That time won’t come this year…

  3. Jerrah is probably going to insist that they start wearing those padded helmets in games.
    And because it’s the Cowboys they’ll agree to it.

  4. haha, got to love how America’s team is dead last and JJ talking about the playoffs.
    Maybe hire a real GM?…just saying

  5. His performance before the injury was typical Prescott when facing a good team: disappointing. Maybe while he’s out, the OC can figure out a way to make his talent for throwing over and behind his receivers into an asset. The real downside of this injury isn’t his absence. It’s that McCarthy can use it as an excuse to explain his own incompetence.

  6. I love listening to QBs make excuses to cover up for their HORRIBLE performance. Dak got worked last night and the injury occurred half way through the 4th qtr while the Cowboys couldn’t even score a TD.

  7. Does it matter? The Cowboys are an awful team WITH Dak. The team is long overdue for a competent General Manager and McCarthy might be the most overrated HC in league history.

  8. He sounds almost relieved it happened. Probably happy he gets a few weeks off from getting exposed as the fraud he is.

  9. Cooper Rush will take over as the Cowboys’ quarterback in the interim with Will Grier as the backup.


    Their QB situation is the same as the offensive line, zero depth. Any injuries to either and it’s lights out for the Dallas offense and both are into the reserves.

    Dak probably wishes he had left a few mill on the table for more offensive linemen and Jerry would like a do over on giving Zeke $90 mill while letting the line suffer.

    Since the oline is now is in as bad a shape as QB depth Cowboys fans will look fondly upon the Ben DiNucci disaster the last time Dak was injured.

    Dr. Jones may declare the recently unretired Jason Peters ready to go for next game.

  10. Eagles win the division. Another disaster year for Jerrah’s boys. Sure things. Death, taxes, and Dallas mediocrity.

  11. That’ll be the excuse. Dak was/is injured. Fact is, Dak was hot garbage up to that point. Continuing to show he wasn’t worth the contract he received.

    Perhaps Skeletor is sandbagging to get Sean Payton in here next year.

  12. Yikes. Dallas will be lucky to win 2 games in the next 6. Time to start a new rumor for Jimmy G to Arlington Cowboys?

  13. Sometimes an injury help a team. This may be the case here. Their offense didn’t exactly light it up when Dak was playing.

  14. think jerry should think about firing his g.m.

    my team won a super bowl with a backup not too long ago. but the ‘boys always know how to make 1 + 1 = 3……

  15. what did he need his right hand for, anyway?

    he can’t pass worth a lick into NFL windows or red zones, hasn’t beat but two teams with winning records the last 2-3 years when he was on the field all of a sudden he’s not a lot;

    Jerry paid this running back with an arm like he was in Mahomes/Allen/Stafford/Burrow class, wrecked his cap five years doing it;

    poetic justice;

  16. I guess Dak wasn’t saying “I’ll see you later in the playoffs” after the game this time around…

  17. 48 seconds to go, down by 5 with a first and goal on the opponents 6 yd yard line, Lovie Smith will decide to punt.

  18. Even before the injury the team was playing awful. Dak on 29 attempts had a 48.3 comp%, 49.9 QB rating with 0td/1int. He will be out 6-8 weeks so that is likely almost half the season. They have the Bengals, Giants, Commanders, Rams, Eagles, Lions, Bears and Packers in the next 8 weeks with Cooper Rush at QB. A banged up o-line, one good WR. Zeke and Pollard combined for 16 carries and just 60 yards last night.

  19. After seeing that poor excuse of a O-line and well below average receiver talent, he is probably quite happy to miss a lot of games because it was inevitable that he was going to get hurt and at least it wasn’t a knee, his head or a shoulder. Maybe Jerry can send a 1st and other picks to Seattle, as they are clearly playing for that 1st pick, for Locke or Geno to try to save the season and I don’t think they would care which one. I don’t see this team having the talent to win a game this year and not needing a QB, per say, Seattle won’t need to trade up from their 2nd pick in the draft.

  20. Dak looked horrible last night, even before the injury. It didn’t seem like he was all that upset about the hand in his post-game presser. He almost seemed glad. I suppose that I would be too if I made the money he does and got to sit out for 6-8 weeks. That team is going nowhere anyway.

  21. overrated, injury prone QB is living up to his billing. If he played a full season he’s have to take a season off to rest.

  22. Cowboys devastated with injuries not just to Dak Prescott but several key players on their team. Losing another OL on an already thin line.

  23. Seattle won’t trade either of the two bums they have at QB, they are actively trying to tank for a pick whereas Dallas doesn’t want to suck despite the fact that they do.

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