First-time coaches go 4-0, so far

Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins
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On Sunday, four NFL head coaches handled their first games in that capacity. Each of them won.

I’m talking only about coaches who never worked as NFL head coaches before. Mike McDaniel of the Dolphins. Brian Daboll of the Giants. Kevin O’Connell of the Vikings. Matt Eberflus of the Bears. Victory after victory. Four for four. Three underdogs, one favorite (McDaniel).

Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett can make it five for five tonight, in Seattle.

It didn’t go quite as well for the men who previously worked as NFL coaches. Texans coach Lovie Smith tied the Colts. Jaguars coach Doug Pederson lost to the Commanders. Raiders coach Josh McDaniels lost to the Chargers. But Saints coach Dennis Allen beat the Falcons, and Bucs coach Todd Bowles took down the Cowboys. That’s 2-2-1.

8 responses to “First-time coaches go 4-0, so far

  1. Eberflus is the real deal and exactly what the Bears have needed for a long time. I’ll take his HITS over Matt Nagy’s “Be You” every day and twice on Sundays.

  2. Eberflus seems to have had an impact on cleaning up the silly stuff and Fields finally saw 2 and connected with receivers that were not choice 1. Stay tuned for Rogers TV.

  3. Yea, Aaron will be pissed off but I don’t care. He’ll probably beat the Bears but I’m really hoping not. Aaron’s new haircut is probably pissed off too. GO BEARS!

  4. I think Eberflus did the best job. Did any of the others have 2 penalties and none in the 2nd half? He took what’s supposed to be the worst team in the NFL and beat what’s supposed to be a Super Bowl roster with a first time play caller. They went in with a winning plan and players trusted him enough to play patient and do their job. His halftime adjustments got guys open, got Fields more time and only gave up a field goal early in the 2nd and shut down the 9ers afterwards.

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