Jamal Adams carted to locker room with knee injury

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks safety Jamal Adams has suffered yet another injury.

Adams limped to the sideline with a knee injury in the second quarter today, then took a cart to the locker room. The Seahawks officially announced that he is doubtful to return to the game.

Adams suffered the injury while blitzing Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. He got to Wilson and forced Wilson into an off-balance throw, but it was Adams who got up hurt.

After arriving in Seattle in a blockbuster trade in 2020, Adams has fallen short of expectations in part because he has struggled to stay healthy, missing four games in 2020 and five games in 2021. Now he’s injured in the first game of 2022.

15 responses to “Jamal Adams carted to locker room with knee injury

  1. Remember when Seahawks fans said “we suck at drafted” when people said how foolish it was to trade 2 1st round picks for a S with mediocre (generous) coverage skills?

  2. Not surprising. Seems like he’s always injured or recovering from surgery. Seahawks wasted big money and picks on this guy. Yes he set the record for sacks for a safety but that was due to the fact he can’t cover consistently on the back end. His injury won’t hurt Seattle in the least. It’ll probably actually make their coverage better due to a liability not being on the field.

  3. Who’s in first place in the NFC West? Oh, the same team that will be for the next 17 weeks. The Seahawks and the vaunted 12’s, the most dominant fan base in sports, are back to claim yet another Lombardi!

  4. Even if Adams stayed healthy it was a bad trade, the fact that he’s a tin man makes it one of the most lopsided trades in NFL history

  5. Wait a minute. Jamal Adams is hurt !? Now THERE is some SHOCKING news. Shocking I tell you. Just shocking.

  6. On the field it’s addition by subtraction for Seattle.
    But here’s the problem; to cut Adams it’s $30M in dead cap space this year, $21M in 2023 and $14M in 2024. Not only did Seattle make a horrible trade, they doubled down on it with a really horrible contract; Adams hasn’t been good in 2-3 yrs and he’s handicapping them cap wise for another 2-3 yrs in salary cap management. Those types of decisions, smart teams don’t make.

  7. As I stated when the media waa pimping Adams and claiming he was the second coming, some of us knew the limited skill set, immaturity and selfishness.

    Was never on NEs draft board.

    Greatest move the Jets have made in decades.

  8. Jamal is now starting his seasonal pay check cashing from his couch. He joins a Bosa and a Watt and a Clowney is playing defense from in front of a TV.

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