Justin Jefferson racks up his fifth 150-yard game

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson was phenomenal while operating within the confines of a non-kick-ass offense. Now that the  Vikings have an offense that kicks ass and takes names, Jefferson could be even better.

Before halftime, he racked up his fifth game with at least 150 receiving yards in his career. That’s one short of the all-time record for a player with three or fewer seasons. And he still has 16 games left in his third season.

Hall of Famer Lance Alworth holds the record with six. Jefferson is tied with Randy Moss and Victor Cruz.

Jefferson also cracked the 200-catch barrier on Sunday. He got there in 34 games. That’s the fourth fastest in league history, behind Odell Beckham Jr. (30 games), Michael Thomas (32), and Jarvis Landry (33). Jefferson is tied with Anquan Boldin and Reggie Bush.

Jefferson could keep racking up bigger and bigger numbers in Kevin O’Connell’s offense. Jefferson could end up having the best season that any Vikings receiver has ever had, Moss included.

12 responses to “Justin Jefferson racks up his fifth 150-yard game

  1. Jefferson is a great WR but several times he’d come off the line of scrimmage and the defense just declined to cover him. No attempt made it was just like, he’s gonna catch it so why bother.

    Pathetic display of defense and this is coming from an Eagles fan after the Lions game.

  2. As a Bills fan, and someone who loves what Diggs brought to our team over the last couple years, I still wonder if we shouldn’t have stayed put and taken Jefferson ourselves…

  3. We expected JJ to be good, didn’t expect the O-line to play that well. Cleveland, ONeil and Darrisaw played great.

  4. JJ was wide open quite often but I wonder if it’s too easy to blame it on bad defense. The Packers have a good defense and they knew Jefferson was the #1 guy they had to stop. Kind of makes me think great route-running and great schemes may have had something to do with it.

  5. I’m sure he’ll face more formidable corner backs in future games. Stokes and Douglass are a joke.

  6. A great way to silence most of the Packer faithful. They didn’t see this coming. Once again, Cousins shows he is one of the most accurate QB’s in the game. But JJ isn’t perfect. I mean, on two magnificent catches he didn’t manage to get both feet in-bounds. Kids still got some work to do.

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