Kadarius Toney only played seven snaps on Sunday

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans
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The Giants pulled off a comeback win in Tennessee on Sunday and they did it without much help from 2021 first-round pick Kadarius Toney.

Toney was healthy, but played just seven snaps over the course of the afternoon as the Giants opted to go with Richie James and Sterling Shepard alongside Kenny Golladay after rookie Wan'Dale Robinson left with a knee injury. No passes were thrown Toney’s way, but he did have a 19-yard run and turned an attempted option pass into a four-yard gain when no one was open for a throw.

After the 21-20 win, Giants head coach Brian Daboll was asked about Toney’s usage.

“We had personnel groups for all our receivers,” Daboll said in a press conference. “We’ll do that for every game. Maybe it’s more, maybe it’s less. It just depends on what we’re calling and what Mike [Kafka]’s calling and what we see. And he’s in plenty of them. Some of them, obviously we didn’t get to some of them. I thought the plays that he was in on, he did his job. Made a good decision on the one play down there at the end of the drive there, I think was — to take care of the football and get four, five, six yards, or whatever it was.”

Daboll was asked a bit later if he wants to find more ways to utilize Toney in future weeks. Daboll said the team will do “whatever we think we’ve got to do for that week,” so Toney may not be looking at a major jump in playing time in the near future.

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