Kyle Shanahan was asked whether 49ers would consider trading Jimmy Garoppolo to Cowboys

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said Monday on 105.3 The Fan that the team would be “evaluating all options” with Dak Prescott expected to miss 6-8 weeks with a fractured thumb. The Cowboys are expected to go with backup Cooper Rush as they did in the one game Prescott missed with a calf injury in 2021.

The 49ers, though, have a backup quarterback they tried to trade the entire offseason.

Jimmy Garoppolo spent Week 1 of the team’s loss to the Bears on the sideline as Trey Lance struggled. Garoppolo, who has a no-trade clause, gives the 49ers insurance in case Lance continues to play as he did Sunday.

But coach Kyle Shanahan was asked Monday whether the 49ers would consider sending Garoppolo to Dallas if the Cowboys called.

“Just like all players, we’ll listen to anybody on anything,” Shanahan said, via David Bonilla of “That never changes for any player or coach. We’ll always listen to anybody.”

The 49ers kept Garoppolo on a restructured one-year deal. It will keep him in San Francisco through 2022 barring a trade, which he would have to approve.

24 responses to “Kyle Shanahan was asked whether 49ers would consider trading Jimmy Garoppolo to Cowboys

  1. Dallas doesn’t need a quarterback they have the straw that stirs the drink right Jerruh? 🤣🤣… How bout dem Cowboys

  2. Well why not?
    This is the very scenario that everyone has been pointing to all year up to now.
    “Starter gets injured…trade for Jimmy G..”.Easy-Peasy right?
    Except that it’s never that simple.

  3. Even I wouldn’t wish that on Jimmy G. Go from one team with explosive weapons and a coach that chokes big games to “America’s Team” that is always in the spotlight, that has only one weapon and no offensive line anymore.

  4. They would listen to offers on any player or coach? Never heard of an assistant coach being traded. I’m willing to bet Jerry Jones would trade straight up for Shanahan right now though.

  5. ninersolid says:
    September 12, 2022 at 11:33 pm
    Get ready to run next sunday Gino. Niners D is going to sack you 4 plus times.

    You’ll need to with that poor excuse for a QB.

    #1 in the NFCW.

  6. Gonna be fun to watch Lance have the best game of his career against the over confident seahawks with their old retread Qb Gino smith. Gonna be fun next sunday.

  7. No other teams are going to do Jerruh any favors. He would be lucky to get Nathan Peterman at this point.

  8. Jimmy G would be foolish to approve this trade. An 8 week window lacking top weapons or o line and a demotion once Zak is healthy. Nothing to gain here for JG. But there is another JG…

    Perhaps a more likely suitor would be Jared Goff to the Cowboys. Brad Holmes in Detroit is in rebuild mode and Detroit has Nate Sudfeld, picked up on waivers after the 53 man cut due to the 49ers keeping Jimmy G, The Lions could then poach David Blough back from the Vikings practice squad to back fill the backup qb spot equipped with a division rival playbook under arm.

    Could Brad Holmes squeeze even more out of the Mathew Stafford trade? I’d say any decent offer is an offer he could not refuse.

  9. My first thought was that there is no way SF would trade Garrapolo anywhere, given his shaky performance in game 1. But then I realized that this is the braintrust that traded 3 #1’s for a project QB and installed him as the starter with no competition the day after the draft.

  10. Please trade Jimmy G. The poorer the 49ers do the higher the draft pick the Dolphins will receive. Unless of course, their idiot owner does something stupid.

  11. Lance barely played last season,and had a better QB rating in a terenchal rain storm than Dak Prescott had on a dry field. All these seahawk fans on here saying Lance is a bust are just flapping their gums. Lance still had some great throws in that gane, but 100 yds of penalties and fields getting lucky on 2 busted coverages gave them the game. Lance will be just fine and all the Seahawks haters will be eating crow soon

  12. The Great Gimmick formerly of Cleveland and Baltimore and Washington is available. He says he’s ready (ROFL)

  13. mookie34 says:
    September 12, 2022 at 9:17 pm
    I’ll take Colin Kap over Jimmy G please.
    Spoken like a Cowboy hater

  14. nyctraffic says:
    September 12, 2022 at 11:34 pm
    They would listen to offers on any player or coach? Never heard of an assistant coach being traded. ######################################

    It happens- The most well-known one is likely the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sending four draft picks, including two first-rounders, and $8 million to the Oakland Raiders for Jon Gruden in 2002

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