Lamar Jackson gets 38th win in 50 games

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets
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Many will insist, sometimes loudly, that wins are not a quarterback stat. The NFL apparently disagrees.

In a weekly summary of significant statistical achievements distributed by the league on Sunday night, the NFL pointed out that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has 38 wins in 50 regular-season starts.

That record ties him with Tom Brady and Danny White for the third-most wins in 50 games. Only Patrick Mahomes and Ken Stabler, who each went 40-10, have more.

Jackson’s latest win came in the first game of the last year of his rookie contract, on the same day that someone leaked some (but not enough) pertinent details about his negotiations. Jackson, when he realizes that the leaks apparently came from the union, likely will be upset. He has tried (and largely succeeded) in keeping all aspects of the talks private.

10 responses to “Lamar Jackson gets 38th win in 50 games

  1. nhpats2011 says:
    September 12, 2022 at 10:35 am
    The key words here are “regular season”


    Can’t participate in the playoffs if you don’t win the regular season games.

  2. lasersepi says:
    September 12, 2022 at 10:38 am
    Yet still has exactly the same playoff wins as Kirk Cousins.

    You know you just compared a 25-year-old to a 34-year-old right lol?

  3. Why not peel back the onion on his playoff record? He went 6-1 as a rookie and he lost his first playoff game. Not a huge black mark in my opinion, he was a rookie. How many QBs even make the playoffs in his rookie campaign? During the MVP season, the Ravens came out flat against Tennessee after 3 weeks off for the starters, and never recovered. He still had 500 total yards in that game. The next year, he avenged the Tennessee loss on the road coming back from double digits down. That told me all I needed to know about Lamar. This is a guy you can win with and he doesn’t fold under pressure. The next year, he was injured in the loss to Buffalo and he did not finish that game. Barring that injury, you never know what could have happened. Regardless, the playoffs are not easy, you are playing the best of the best. Most of the good current QBs have dismal playoff records, if they made them at all. Look at Rodgers or Manning early in his career. The haters always bring up the playoff record because they can’t point to much else and 38-12 stings. Keep trying though, I will be here.

  4. Anyone watching him play without their bias or strange hatred for this guy can see a Steve Young type of maturation taking place. Very similar in how he’s evolved just like Young did from his Tampa days to when he got spot starts for the 49ers and then when he finally took over for the 49ers when he was nearly 30. The nature of what the Ravens run is on offense is just the way they’ve always run offense. It’s a ball control, big shot offense.

  5. It’s Groundhog Day with Lamar, Baltimore fans, and the media. Lamar plays one single decent half against the worst defense in the NFL and you pound it down our throats how amazing he is, how well he can throw the ball, how he’s maturing, and how he’s an MVP. It’s all nonsense. The reality is that he was terrible in the first half, threw for low yardage against an awful defense, and worse, a big chunk of his total yardage came on broken coverage when he threw a ball to a wide open receiver. Scoring 24 points against the worst defense in the league is something to cheer about somehow? In any event, let’s see how he does this weekend against a decent defense. There is a reason why Lamar cannot win in the playoffs and will never give the Ravens a chance to win a Super Bowl. He is not good enough to beat good defenses. Period. End of story.

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