Mac Jones: They did all the tests and everything was fine

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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It sounds like Mac Jones is going to be OK.

After he was evaluated for a possible back injury following Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins, the Patriots’ second-year quarterback said he’s on track to practice on Wednesday and go through his normal routine.

I think I’ll be fine,” Jones said in a Monday afternoon video conference. “Like I said, the trainers looked at it. I haven’t had any issues with it before and don’t expect any issues now. So, everything’s good.”

Jones said he thought the injury may have occurred in the fourth quarter when Miami was flagged for roughing the passer. But the Patriots were also flagged for a chop block, which led to offsetting penalties.

That happened with 13:05 left in the contest and Jones did not miss an offensive snap.

“I just kept playing and tried to work through it,” Jones said. “It’s football — you’re going to get hit. I’ve been hit harder before and will probably get hit harder in the future. So, it’s part of the game and it’s all good.”

Jones noted that he, “Wasn’t feeling too hot after the game, but definitely feel a lot better.”

He’ll likely be on New England’s injury report this week but at this point, it sounds like he intends to be on the field when the Patriots take on the Steelers for Week Two.

9 responses to “Mac Jones: They did all the tests and everything was fine

  1. In other News, Ramen signed Mac Jones to a multi year deal to be their spokesperson.

  2. Glad he’s healthy, too bad he can’t play QB.

    This is a Golden Age with the last place patriots losing every week and the NFLs new Tom Brady, Josh Allen competing for Super Bowls year after year.

  3. Sealy just announced a new mattress called the Posture Patriot. So that Mac can lay comfortably on his back and look up at the rest of the division

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