Matt LaFleur: Eight touches for Aaron Jones isn’t good enough

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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The Packers will be looking to do a lot of things differently after their Week One loss to the Vikings and that list includes the way they utilize running back Aaron Jones.

Jones ran the ball five times for 49 yards and caught three passes for 27 yards, which added up to eight touches on a day when fellow back AJ Dillon got the ball 15 times. After the 23-7 loss was in the books, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur noted Jones’ light workload as something that he’d like to change in the weeks to come.

“Any time Aaron Jones comes out of a game with eight touches, that’s not good enough,” LaFleur said, via Zach Kruse of

Jones has gotten less than 10 touches three other times since LaFleur joined the Packers, including their season-opening loss to the Saints in 2021. The Packers were able to turn things around after that game and the hope in Green Bayy is that they’ll do the same after another disappointing Week One outing.

21 responses to “Matt LaFleur: Eight touches for Aaron Jones isn’t good enough

  1. The Vikings took the Packers out behind the wood shed and beat them senseless. I don’t think the issues was the # of Rushing attempts Jones had

  2. Isn’t it LeFleur’s job to see that his best RB gets plenty of carries? Sounds like he needs to have a conversation with his OC. Why would you not use your best guys when trying to get back into a game?

  3. Yeah I don’t get it. The quick stuff was working….use it. One drive we did, then it was back to AR doing the scramble drill with rookies.

  4. To bad you had no choice Matthew. Maybe you should have lined him up as a WR because everyone knew you had to pass most of the game.

  5. Yea, you’d think Jones would have more touches when it’s so obvious we don’t have any receivers who can catch or any offensive linemen who can pass block.

  6. Matt you were out coached, out played and put a team on the field that in no way could win. This was a pathetic display of football. The Vikes starters also did not play in the pre season, the team has all new coaches and a raft of new players and yet they looked seasoned and mistake free and executed their game plan well.
    LeFluer is a joke. If he hadnt inherited Rodgers and had Adams he would be selling used cars by now.

  7. Matt is missing the obvious. His D coach should be fired. The problem is pass D. It has been for years and they look the other way because to obtain talented defensive backs, you have to shell out money and the pack gave it all to Rodgers. He is taking the team down with his greed.

  8. AJ Dillion should be the lead back he has the making of the next Derick Henry Jones should get about 30 % of the playing time .

  9. Rodgers put his greatness on full display yesterday. It was really impressive.

    I mean, the way he was able to connect with his rookie receivers after missing the OTA’s and then having a mediocre camp that he criticized them for – it was really impressive that he was able to just jump into the game in week 1 and sling the ball all around like the goat that he is.

    If he continues that impressive play through the season, the league should be on high alert.

  10. I blame GM Gute most, but MLF was/is learning on the job. Not to worry, accountability in Packerland comes years after the fact. It’s a corporation, not a billionaire’s pride and passion. Make the play-offs and keep those Pro Shop cash registers churning.

  11. 1. They had the draft ammo to go and get a top WR and did not. Thank You.
    2. Most WRs take time to develope Randy Moss, Diggs and JJ and some others are the exception.
    3. Old AR looked pretty upset on the sideline, he needs to R E L A X it has only just begin. I am sure his WR will be perfect next week, jsut yell at them a bit more.

  12. Is this a passive aggressive condemnation of someone who feels free to change the called play whenever he feels like it?

  13. Don’t you dare cut the number of pass attempts in the game plan Matt. I need to beef up my stats so I can win the MVP award again this year. It means a lot more to me than the TEAM winning a game.

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