Report: Dak Prescott will miss 6-8 weeks


So much of the preseason analysis regarding NFL teams operates under the assumption that all key players will remain healthy, all season long. We know that injuries are inevitable, and that some of them will change everything. We just have no idea when they’ll happen and to whom they’ll happen and how long they’ll happen to be out.

In Dallas, a season with an ominous vibe has taken a disastrous turn, given that quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a broken bone in his hand/wrist on Sunday night against the Buccaneers. The closest thing to a timeline comes from Todd Archer of, who reports that Prescott will miss 6-8 weeks.

Prescott will meet with the team’s hand specialist on Monday. It’s expected that he will have a pin and a plate inserted, in order to stabilize the thumb joint.

The timeline means that Prescott could be back by Week Seven (vs. Lions) or Week Eight (vs. Bears). Dallas has a bye in Week Nine, before finishing their NFC North tour with trips to Green Bay in Week 10 and Minnesota in Week 11.

The Cowboys will try to hold it together with Cooper Rush at quarterback. What other option do they have? Cam Newton is available, but no one has even whispered his name. Trade options are limited to the likes of Mason Rudolph and maybe Gardner Minshew — but why would the Eagles (who know as well as anyone the value of a great backup quarterback) trade their No. 2, to Dallas of all places?

The Cowboys could scour practice squads, from which players can be signed. They can look for free agents. They can hold tryouts. The problem remains that there aren’t enough good quarterbacks to go around. Hell, there aren’t enough bad quarterbacks around. And the Cowboys will have to find a way to win with quarterbacks who, relative to Prescott, are closer to bad than good.

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  1. The Eagles will have an insurmountable division lead by then. Game over Cowboys. Thanks for playing.

  2. We might actually see the Vikings revenge game vs Cooper Rush we’ve all been eagerly waiting for.

  3. Not exactly sure what the injury is and medicine is a lot better than it was in the 80s but after Danny White had surgery on his hand/wrist, he was never even close to the same. Good luck Dak.

  4. Jerry is not getting any younger. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes an irrational trade.

  5. Trade Dak, Zeke and Lawrence for anything you can get. Clean house, fire Moore and McCarthy.

    Then hand Sean Payton a blank check and let the rebuild begin.

  6. Tough break for Cowboy fans, no pun intended. Can’t imagine going better than 2-6 with any other quarterback they might roster, and that will be too much for them to overcome especially with the rest of NFC East all winning yesterday.

  7. Cooper Rush isn’t going to cut it for that long. I see no way that the Eagles trade Minshew and is Rudolph really a better option? Jimmy G?

  8. The Cowboys may want to check in on Case Keenum. He reportedly beat out Matt Barkley for the #2 job, but I think Barkley looked better in the preseason. I don’t think Buffalo values him that much that he wouldn’t move off him for a 6th or 7th.

  9. Pack it in, season is over. Barring a trade for Jimmy g, I don’t see any other remotely available quarterback who would move the needle for them.

  10. Is this 6-8 week estimate officially approved by Dr. Jerruh? Just making sure the owner and GM have talked with the head Dr.

  11. smarsh4567 says:
    September 12, 2022 at 9:39 am
    Isn’t Fitzmagic available? 🙂

    He already said he’s retired for good.

  12. Although I have hated the Cowboys since the 1975 NFC Championship game (It was offensive pass interference), I really feel bad for Dak.

  13. Now you’re going to see “playing not to lose” taken to another level by McCarthy. Did you see the Giants game? That’s the opposite of playing not to lose.

  14. Getting rid of Dak would be a colossal mistake. But if I’m JJ, I’d be shopping Elliot while you still can get some value and start laying the groundwork to getting Payton out of retirement if McCarthy doesn’t figure something out. Despite the slow start, their defense did a decent job in the second half so it’s not a stretch to think they can ride that unit to at least a few wins till Dak returns. Remember: this is still the NFC East we’re talking about so they’ll be in it until the last game for sure no matter how ugly it gets.

  15. Yes, Cam Newton is available. So is Trent Dilfer, Elvis Grbac, and Kordell Stewart. But why stop there? Drew Brees, Dan Marino, Steve Young, Brett Favre and Joe Montana are also available. So is Big Ben, Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning.

    How much of a casual do you need to be to think Cam Newton is the answer to anything other than your hat sales?

  16. Looks like we are going to have to find a new “Americas” team because this one is not worth watching anymore.

  17. The Cowboys just didn’t look good at all on offense. With or without Dak, their issues are a rebuilt young oline and Lamb being their only true threat.

  18. IF the Cowboys were smart they should snatch that young QB FROM the Jets practice squad that the jets coach was raving about ( and won their preseason games)

  19. Isn’t this the time for Colin Kaepernick? I am serious. Jerry is an owner who doesn’t care about the other owners thoughts. Bring him in. And trade for Jimmy G if the price is right. And cut a check big enough for Fitzmagic to end his retirement. Is Josh McGown in shape? How about Farve? Who cares? Make it a show! Bring them all in.

    But really.

    Why not Kaepernick????

  20. I would assume Jerry is going to try and add a QB or trade for one. Jimmy G would’ve made tons of sense but Lance looked awful yesterday no chance that happens. Maybe a trade for Andy Dalton? Sign FA Cam Newton. Get Ryan Fitzpatrick to unretire?

  21. First, I loathe any team with Tomasina Brady on it. But that loathing is always secondary to my inclination to find the team from Dallas as Satan’s team. It was delicious to see the constant pummeling that Dakota (his name) took last night. It was also delicious to see that clown in Green Bay constantly looking like he was a God that had just been blasphemed by having to play with mere mortals on his own team – and then those mortals kept allowing Minnesota to get juicy shots sending him to the turf repeatedly.

  22. firstly, even andy’s mustache knows elliot is untradeable. the team would have to assume the contract, and that ain’t happening unless jerry throws draft picks in too.

    secondly, the nfc east went 3-1 yesterday. only one team didn’t pull their weight.

    finally, dak’s injury interrupted his usual empty statistical calories comeback after his team had gone down far enough the other defense started playing to not allow plays over the top. his qb rating was down in the twenties before rising over the last qtr.

  23. Ive been saying all the off season, get a competent backup quarterback. Dak is injury prone and not having a decent backup will bite them in the butt. And it has. Game over.

  24. the so called worst team in the nfc will be in first place when dak comes back
    GO GIANTS!!!!

  25. It’s not like Dak was or does play well anyway. As a Cowboys fan I don’t see all that much difference with Dak out. He can’t read a defense anyway.

  26. Dallas sucks with Dak or without him so this injury doesn’t make much difference. My forecast for them going 5-12 is looking prophetic.

  27. McCarthy just can’t catch a break. Jerry Jones wants wins and he doesn’t care about the bad breaks. I can’t see McCarthy making it through the season.

  28. Told you we’d be hearing the same song and dance from Cowboys fans again this year. It’s the same every year…Oh you just wait till next year when we’re healthy…Man we’re gonna rip it up…Yea you just wait man you’ll see 🤣🤣….. How bout them Cowboys yup

  29. The Bills gave Cleveland a 7th to secure Case Keenum, so I’m pretty sure they aren’t looking to trade him away.

  30. In ’83 I had a Bennetts fracture in my right wrist/ thumb junction. 1 year with 2 pins and a cast for a year, pins removed and a cast for 6 more months followed by 6 months rehab due to atrophy. 3 years ago I had a scaphoid fracture same wrist. Had a cast with a port to plug a ultrasound transducer into daily for 15 minutes. 6 months in a cast as a result. He better hope it’s neither of those.

  31. After seeing that poor excuse of a O-line and well below average receiver group (and everybody but Jerry saw this coming) it must be like Xmas for Dakhe s going to eventually get hurt no matter what, now if he can make it to miss the whole season. With Dak or whoever at QB this team is going to struggle to win a game this year.

  32. To Commanders, Eagles and Giants fans: No one yet is evening mentioning the best part of the Dak injury for your teams. It’s going to give Jerrah Jones, who loves Mike McCarthy, a built-in excuse to keep him on at least another year, which is another year (more specifically it’s 3 yrs; this season, next season which will be McCarthy’s last, and then the ’24 season when their new coach has his 1st yr to build his program) for you to continue to build your teams for when the average to below-average, but way overpaid, Dak comes back.

  33. Jerry’s window is closing fast. He’d probably take any quarterback at this point. The Cowboys looked bad even before Dak got hurt, so why not just stick with Rush? It won’t make any difference, and you just know that Mike McCarthy will take the fall for this. That team was absolutely flat.

  34. Wasn’t Jerry the guy who led the bandwagon against Kaepernick? IAt this point, it certainly does seem to be an option between Kap and Cam. I don’t see other teams trading their backup to the Cowboys except for a godfather offer. Maybe some team has 3 quality QBs, but probably not. The Cowboys need a running QB at this point too, no time to learn an entire offensive scheme and build timing.

  35. Wasn’t Jerry the guy who led the bandwagon against Kaepernick? At this point, it certainly does seem to be an option between Kap and Cam. I don’t see other teams trading their backup to the Cowboys except for a godfather offer. Maybe some team has 3 quality QBs, but probably not. The Cowboys need a running QB at this point too, no time to learn an entire offensive scheme and build timing.

  36. tinye67 says:
    September 12, 2022 at 11:40 am
    Cooper Rush owns the Vikings


    Nah, he owned Mike Zimmer, which is an extremely low bar to begin with.

  37. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    September 12, 2022 at 10:28 am
    IF the Cowboys were smart they should snatch that young QB FROM the Jets practice squad that the jets coach was raving about ( and won their preseason games)
    Look at White’s 3 game sample from last season. 5 TDs vs 8 INTs. That’s Cam Newton performance. Yeah, trade for that. Hahaha

  38. I’d still like to know what Jones holds over the NFL. Dallas is central time but all their games are 3:30 ish or Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights. They get prime time and then some to all the other teams.
    The NFL should change up their schedule now that they will be worse then they looked last night, no one will tune in.

  39. Are the cowboys dumb enough to trade a 2 for 8 weeks of Jimmy G? Given the way the 49ers game went, that might not even get it done. That being said, how many teams can handle losing QB1 for 8 weeks? The eagles might survive that with Minshew, the bills (given their roster strength) might be able to survive it,SF might improve lol, might be a linear move for the giants & Steelers, can Goff be much worse in Detroit(?), and there’s also Willis in Tennessee & Houston probably can’t get much worse. It basically destroys every arguable playoff caliber team

  40. Mike M may have saved his job using Dak as an excuse for another underperfoming year. He has to be held accountable for last night however. Dak didnt hurt hand till end of game.

  41. Monday, September 12, 2022, and the Cowboys season is over!

    Unless they make a trade for …

    Kyle Allen who is 3rd on the depth chart in Houston or …

    Skyler Thompson who is 3rd on the depth chart in Miami

    A 3rd or 4th round pick from the Cowboys could/should/would get either player.

    Both players are better than Cooper Rush, IMHO!

  42. ImFubared says:
    He (MM) has to be held accountable for last night however.
    McCarthy isn’t calling plays. If you insist on pinning the poor offensive showing,.. take a good look at the OC,.. Kellen Moore.

  43. “Miss 6-8 weeks???” Dak missed 6-8 receivers last night. He was awful! Cooper will be an improvement.

  44. Oh so, will we finally start talking about how injury prone he is? Because with Carson Wentz, that’s all we heard about. This is two major injuries in three years for him. Not that I’m saying the injury or the teams performance is his fault. The fact is that when Cris Collinsworth is saying you don’t have any players, you have a major problem.

  45. It’s not like Dak was making any difference in that game before he got hurt.

    There are a lot of problems with that team.

  46. Jerry should try to trade Dak for whatever he can get. Maybe the Seahawks , they have 4 picks in the first two rounds coming up

  47. Dak didn’t get injured until the end of the game…..and that horrible offense only scored 3 points…WITH DAK. I can’t imagine how bad it will be with a backup QB.

    Stick a fork in the Cowboys…..they’re done.

  48. Just did a search of QB Depth charts – missed this one.
    Would make Cowboy nation ecstatic!

    Sam Freakin’ Ehrlinger – 3rd team Colts QB

  49. Offer Steelers a pair of 2’s for Trubisky. Steelers start Pickett & Rudolph stays as backup.

  50. I hope it does not happen because I really like the guy and do not want him to be in Dallas but TEDDY for a # 1 and # 2 makes sense. Dallas is desperate and Miami needs new picks.

  51. Kellen Moore, the OC, was Cowboys QB. Next man up lol.

    That’d make drama for JerryWorld, and I think thats how Jerry likes it.

  52. Sports Illustrated did a Cowboys review after the 53 man cut/weekend and said the jets QB Streveler, after he was cut, should be THE guy to back up Dak. He had a great pre-season and had previous success in Canada. He then signed with the Jets practice squad.
    Wilson is hurt, Flacco is the starter, soooooooo there’s that. Flacco looked like Flacco AGAIN, yesterday. It is the Jets. What they do or don’t do has been baffling better minds than mine for over 50 years.

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