Report: T.J. Watt to get second, third opinions about surgery on torn pec

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
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We know that Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt tore his pectoral muscle during Sunday’s overtime win over the Bengals, but the wait to learn how long he will be out as a result of that injury goes on.

Watt was set for an MRI on Monday and he’ll continue consulting with doctors about next steps on Tuesday. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Watt is scheduled to meet with doctors to get second and third opinions about the injury.

Per the report, Watt will likely miss the rest of the season if doctors determine he needs surgery. If they find he does not need an operation, he could be back in as little as six weeks.

Alex Highsmith had three sacks on Sunday and will be joined by Malik Reed on the edge for however long Watt is out of action.

25 responses to “Report: T.J. Watt to get second, third opinions about surgery on torn pec

  1. No need to rush it back except to break records. Shut it down for the year and heal for the long haul. Nobody is going to be afraid of the Steelers offense this year, that D is going to wear out.

  2. You could see he injured himself by the way he was grabbing the area immediately after the play. It didn’t look good

    I have been into bodybuilding for a while now. Some guys get so big that their muscle mass is actually too boot for their bone structure and their tendons/ligaments to handle. At some point something has to give. I’m this case it sounds like it was his pectoral muscle

  3. Didn’t JJ Watt’s injury history start with a torn pec? Really hoping that TJ is the durable Watt brother and this is just a fluke injury.

  4. Totally dirty play by the Bengals, basically trying to rip his arm off. Classless for them to cheat and attack the strength of our team. The league needs to suspend Joe Burrow for the same number of games that Watts misses.

  5. I felt bad for him until I saw the video of the cheap shots he laid on Joey B and Collins during the game.

  6. Hummmmmm maybe it’s not a bad idea to have have longer summer camps to get these guys into game time shape.

  7. Take the year off and get paid. Steelers are going nowhere after beating a weak Bengals team yesterday…

  8. I was not looking forward to seeing him crashing through my Pats Oline next game but it really does suck that he’s down and out. Incredible player and fun to watch…. against most teams

  9. The Steelers might be an ‘enemy team’, but I hate seeing stuff like this happen to anyone. Hope he is able to get back quickly (without jeopardizing career or anything like that) and then we can focus on beating the team on the field.

  10. nhpats2011 says:
    September 12, 2022 at 3:11 pm
    I have been into bodybuilding for a while now.

    A lot of lies have been told over the years in these comment pages. This is the biggest.

  11. Hate to see it because dude is a freak just like his brother was in his prime BUT you have to wonder….is this now going to start the constant injuries like it did for his brother once he got injured?

    I guess we’ll find out over the next few years

  12. TJ, we are going to use a similar treatment to the muscle building regimen we had for you; take two of these 4 times a day with plenty of water while you are rehabbing. You will come back stronger than ever…

  13. If he doesn’t have surgery he’ll probably just re-injure it in week #10 anyhow, thus delaying the full recovery he’d need in the first place.

  14. They just invested a lot of money into Watt. Given how we’ve seen his brother JJ had issues with this are multiple times, Steelers need to put him out there next season, not whenever TJ believes he is ready. Steelers are not competing for a championship this year.

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