Robert Saleh on Mike White chants: As of now, Joe Flacco is still our starting quarterback

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets
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Jets fans were chanting for backup quarterback Mike White on Sunday while Joe Flacco turned in a sub-par performance in a loss to the Ravens. But Jets coach Robert Saleh doesn’t anticipate making a change.

Asked about the fans calling for White, Saleh said he expects Flacco to start on Sunday in Cleveland, although he didn’t completely rule out the possibility of a change.

“As of now, Joe’s our starting quarterback,” Saleh said. “It’s more than likely going to be Joe, but the door’s open on every position, every week.”

Saleh said he’s always open to making a move at any position if it can help the Jets win, but he doesn’t anticipate that happening at quarterback this week.

“Everything’s always under discussion and under review,” Saleh said. “We’re not done with our postgame evaluation and all that stuff. . . . But Joe’s been very, very steady throughout OTAs, training camp, last year.”

White showed promise last year, throwing for 405 yards and three touchdowns in a 34-31 win over the Bengals in the first start of his NFL career. Jets fans would like to see if White can do that again, but Saleh still believes Flacco is the best man for the job until Wilson returns.

2 responses to “Robert Saleh on Mike White chants: As of now, Joe Flacco is still our starting quarterback

  1. At the time I thought hiring Salah as HC was a great move.
    After a full season, and another game I am no longer a believer.
    he did well as a DC with a strong collection of defensive players.
    He is out of his depth.

    Flacco wasn’t just bad yesterday, he was going through the motions, he is no longer NFL minimum quality.
    Mike White most likely will fail, but so will Flacco.
    They might as well start White for a game. It can’t be worse than yesterday.

  2. The most excited I have a seen my buddy a total Jets fan was last year and the games Mike White started. He was so into it I watched with him. I cannot understand not giving White a young man, another chance, instead of sticking with an old washed up QB no one else wants and has nothing longterm to offer his team or coach. At least White excites the fan base. Until Zach is ready why not see if White can is any good?.

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