Russell Wilson leaves Seattle with 17-16 loss after a missed 64-yard field goal


Russell Wilson had 32 game-winning drives in the fourth quarter or overtime during his 10 seasons in Seattle. So Seahawks fans were used to seeing the quarterback lead his team to a dramatic victory.

But it was not to be for Wilson on Monday night, in his first game with the Broncos, as he left Seahawks fans chanting “Geno! Geno!” for Wilson’s replacement, Geno Smith.

Broncos kicker Brandon McManus missed a 64-yard field goal on fourth-and-five with 20 seconds remaining to assure the Seahawks a 17-16 victory.

On third-and-14 from their own 45, the Broncos had 1:11 left on the clock when Wilson hit running back Javonte Williams for a 9-yard gain. The Broncos bled the clock until calling timeout with 20 seconds remaining. McManus, who is now 1-of-8 on field goals of 60 yards or longer in his career, saw his kick go wide left.

The Broncos blew scoring chances all night.

They went 0-for-4 in the red zone, getting two field goals and losing two fumbles. They had 10 total snaps inside the 10 without scoring a touchdown. Melvin Gordon lost a fumble; Williams lost a fumble; and Courtland Sutton had a costly false start.

The Seahawks’ crowd made an impact, with the Broncos committing three false starts and two delay of games among their 12 penalties for 106 yards.

Wilson finished 29-of-42 for 340 yards and a touchdown, with Jerry Jeudy catching four passes for 102 yards and a touchdown.

Smith, who went from Wilson’s backup to starter after the Seahawks trade of Wilson, stood toe to toe with Wilson. He was 23-of-28 for 195 yards and two touchdowns, completing passes to eight different receivers.

50 responses to “Russell Wilson leaves Seattle with 17-16 loss after a missed 64-yard field goal

  1. Denver fans can pipe down now. $49 million per year and you take Wilson out to kick a 64 yard fg? Clueless coaching. Wilson’s agent is on the line to Colin Cowherd as we speak calling for a new coach.

  2. Yay!

    I can’t wait to listen to sports talk radio here in Denver this week. The Broncos bet the farm on Russell Wilson and then took the ball out of his hands and tried a 64 yard field goal instead. How long before Wilson wants Hackett fired?

  3. Broncos are so used to having a terrible QB that they chose a 64 yard field goal over Russell Wilson on 4th and 6. I’m pretty sure they paid Russ to go make those kinds of plays. As a fan rooting for the Seahawks tonight, I loved seeing the kicker out there on the field.

  4. How not to coach a football team 101. What a head scratching hire by Denver. Hackett was in over his head and then calls bush league timeouts at the end.

  5. The world is back to normal.

    Hawks #1 in NFCW.

    And Denver should have traded for Geno. Probably could have had him for a first and second.

  6. And half the talking heads had Denver and Vegas winning the AFC West…its just like that Talking Heads song “Same as it ever was”. Chiefs will dominate and Chargers will be a wildcard.

  7. Too early to proclaim Geno the 2nd best starting QB in the NL West?

    He sure as heck looked better than Russell Wilson tonight.

  8. ….and the coaching gap between Andy Reid and the other coaches in the AFC West just grows and grows. Thanks Nate!

  9. Denver moved the ball at will and was in the red zone all game. If they had just kicked ONE of those field goals- game over. Hackett lived up to his name

  10. Awful clock management by Denver. You don’t pay a guy all that cash to take the ball away in key situations. The defense needs to get it together too.

  11. All of you – and you know who you are – who said Hawks should have kept Wilson and fired Carroll…


  12. Settles for a 64 yard field goal attempt and then uses his timeouts when Seattle is taking a knee with 20 seconds left. Hackett is a moron.

  13. If it wasn’t obvious Denver was more than just a Russell Wilson away from being competitive, tonight should have made it crystal clear

  14. As everyone talks about Denver’s fumbles in the red zone, let’s not forget the two Hawk dropped INTs in the red zone against Wilson.

    BTW Geno has a $3.5M contract with the possibility of another $3.5M.

  15. dadsource says:
    September 12, 2022 at 11:34 pm
    Denver moved the ball at will and was in the red zone all game. If they had just kicked ONE of those field goals- game over. Hackett lived up to his name

    Yes but let’s not forget Geno’s slip on the QB sneak at the 10 yard line and two dropped INTs against Wilson in the red zone.

    It easily could have been 20 or even 24-3 early in the first half.

  16. So Denver decided to pay Russ massively to cook, and he burn the dinner on his first night out. Talk about buyers remorse!

  17. For everyone calling out Wilson, you do know he completed 69% of his passes, threw for 340 yards, and wasn’t the reason for the two red zone turnovers, right? And Geno had a nice night – looked as good as I’ve ever seen him – but 195 yards on 28 attempts isn’t “outplaying” Wilson. I love he got the win – but let’s not overdo it here.

    The issue wasn’t Wilson The issue was an in over his head coach, deciding to try a 64 yard FG instead of letting his $40+ million man do the job he was hired to do. Hackett is absolutely clueless.

  18. First half the defense was a charity organization with five blown coverages, and a dozen missed tackles. Second half the offense took over charity duties with two fumbles on the goal line. just pathetic and bizarre.

  19. charger383 says:
    September 12, 2022 at 11:26 pm
    First time I have ever rooted for Seattle
    Same here I’m rooted for Seahawks but I’m disappointed that we had Russell on my Broncos nation. If you saw how he played tonight, that what he does in past with Seahawks. He’ll never going to change.

  20. A mindlessly-accepted narrative has been that Pete Carroll wanted to run the ball and play defense. That seems to be utter nonsense. The Seahawks threw the ball all night and ran a wide-open offense. Pete Carroll wants to throw the ball. He just doesn’t want Russell Wilson throwing it.

  21. What a miserable way to end a miserable week. Without anyone playing in preseason and super protective practices, most teams come out soft and out of rhythm. Dumb penalties, turnovers, bad QB play all around. I hope it improves for every team. Few of them looked normal. KC maybe.

  22. That was such a time management blunder by Denver. They had all that time and let the clock go all the way down with 3 timeouts what was the coach thinking? But becides that I was happy for geno Smith..if he has a good season he HAS to win comeback player of the year HAS Too!!!!

  23. Russell, ARE YA MAD BRO! I’m sure Richard Sherman would love to yell at him

    Russ didn’t hide after the game. Was right out on the field congratulating the Seahawk players and coaches.
    Pete is a joke.

  24. Outplayed by Geno. That’s what y’all got for your money- Chuck n Duck Wilson. He couldn’t throw a TD in the red zone, and freelanced all game. No wonder Petey was done with him. First time in my life I’ve ever rooted for the Hawks

  25. I loved it in the 2019 playoffs when the Packers earned the game ending 1st down and Pete Carroll threw a tantrum like his mom wouldn’t buy him some candy at the store.

  26. Rough game for the 1st time Broncos head coach and for Wilson. The Broncos had multiple opportunities but just couldn’t finish.

    If this game was in Denver he probably makes that kick, but it wasn’t and he should’ve let Wilson be the hero or the goat.

  27. Geno QB rating 119.5
    Russ QB rating 101.3

    It’s not about the yards and attempts, unless your goal is winning MVPs over winning games.

  28. Why did the Broncos hire a new coach when the team was up for sale?Anyone who’s still on staff from that decision should be fired.

  29. Bronco’s traded for the wrong QB. Could’ve gotten the better QB in Geno much cheaper. Wilson tried to gift Diggs and Adams int’s but they felt bad for Russ being stuck in Denver for the next 6 years, so they dropped them.

  30. It’s all about Russel. He has his own chef and he doesn’t “cook” ,on or off the football field. He always says the most vanilla things and avoids any conflicts. He’s a politician and would make a great ambassador.Too bad talk doesn’t win football games.

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