Russell Wilson makes initial Seattle entrance in Broncos uniform

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Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson is back in Seattle, for his first regular-season game as a member of a team other than the Seahawks. At roughly 7:20 p.m. ET, he made his first entrance onto the playing field in his new uniform.

There were audible boos. A lot of them.

It’s always hard to tell with clarity absent being there. But it still sounded loud, through the ESPN broadcast. And it could get a lot louder when it’s time for the visiting players to make their formal pre-game entrance — and when Wilson walks onto the field for the first time to take a snap for not the Seahawks.

However it plays out, it will be a memorable night in Seattle.

4 responses to “Russell Wilson makes initial Seattle entrance in Broncos uniform

  1. Cheer him pre-game, boo him louder than ever during the game. Then cheer for every mistake he makes, every sack he takes, and every turner he produces. Ok, ok, those are all three prayers for a Seahawk fan. 🙂

  2. C’mon Seattle! What’s up with all the booing? Didn’t Russell Wilson deliver the city two Super Bowl appearances–winning one of them? I thought the 12th Man had more class than that! What an insult! You all proved why it was good for him to leave: you’re fickle fans. You didn’t see New England insult Tom Brady upon his return.

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