Seahawks fans officially welcome Russell Wilson home with a storm of boos


It may not have registered on a local Richter scale, but it was loud.

After the Seahawks took a first-drive, 7-0 lead over the Broncos (sparking a loud chant of GENO! GENO! GENO! for quarterback Geno Smith), former Seattle starter Russell Wilson trotted onto the field after an ill-advised kick return from the end zone gave Denver the ball at its own 11.

The home crowd booed Wilson loudly. And in apparent unison.

Wilson sailed a throw in the left flat off the hands of tight end Andrew Beck. But then Wilson found Beck for a 25-yard gain, sparking a drive that culminated in field goal for Denver.

Wilson completed three of five passes for 58 yards on his first drive as not as Seahawk.

25 responses to “Seahawks fans officially welcome Russell Wilson home with a storm of boos

  1. Are we sure the 12s were booing Wilson? Is it possible that they were booing Pete Carroll’s declining ability to chew that gum with vigor? At his advancing age, that gum chewing is getting a bit less aggressive. No judgment. Father Time is undefeated.

  2. Russell is professional and supports great community causes. Boo him if you want, but its just a game. They fans going to cheer him when he comes back and retires a Seahawk??

  3. What a joke. Wilson did the Seahawks a huge favor acquiescing to a trade when he knew Seattle couldn’t afford him and needed to rebuild.

  4. Traitorous self-involved turncoat. He’s getting what he deserves: boo’d out of the stadium and getting his tail whipped by the soon to be NFC champs.

  5. So classy of Seattle fans!!
    When Madison Bumgarner returned to SF to play the against the giants after leaving for Arizona, the crowd gave the World Series hero a standing ovation!
    Get class Seattle fans. Wilson helped you get a trophy.

  6. Win a super bowl for you and your GM tried to trade him multiple times before he asked them to just do it. You give him an ovation out of respect once, then you boo him rest of the game. Classy Seattle.

  7. Soon to be NFC champs? Man some fans can be extremely disillusioned. The good thing is a lot of fans up here in the Northwest have jumped off the bandwagon and I don’t have to see the fair weather fans fly 12 flags anymore.

  8. Remember this kind of stuff when fans complain that a player isn’t being loyal to the team.

  9. This is the right response from a fan base for a player that forces their way out and (probably) left the team worse. A warm reception should be reserved for beloved players that got a final payday from another team or gracefully bowed out like Alex Smith for the Chiefs in 2018.

  10. realitycheckbaby says:
    September 12, 2022 at 11:17 pm
    First in NFCW. Things back to normal.
    Lol – Seattle’s personal Super Bowl. Back to the cellar after that.

  11. At least Russell wasn’t crying from homesickness like Freddie Freeman did when the Dodgers visited the Braves in Atlanta.

  12. Ya I thought the Seattle fans were wrong. This guy gave it his all when he was there. Could have applauded and said thanks for the memories instead of low class boo’s. He didnt trade himself.

  13. This was just the Seahawks fans way of thanking Wilson for leading the team during its one year dynasty eight years ago.

  14. This matchup and drama made for a great game, even though it was sloppy. Neither team is well coached. Broncos are a way more talented team. How brutal this was for RW. You could tell he was depressed. That march off the feild after the last timeout and removing his helmet, very somber looking. Just got yanked for a 64 yard field goal attempt. When he had time and 3 timeouts and is one of the best in those situations. Just brutal. How do you look at your coach after that? I’d be angry

  15. Nobody wants to say it but he’s just not a likable guy. If he was, it would have probably been different.

  16. Remember when Tom Brady returned to Foxboro and got booed? Yeah, me neither. Ironic that everyone acts like the Pats fans are lacking class…

  17. Anyone who thinks fans should have cheered him don’t know the history.

    Every offseason for years he’s dropped hints about wanting out, about bad line play, about not being the one calling the shots, etc.

    Every contract he’s milked the Hawks for every penny he could get, demanding to be the highest paid player. And although I don’t blame him for getting what he can, he then would turn around and complain the Hawks weren’t surrounding him with a high paid OLine and receivers.

    And now we find out what he was really mad about wasn’t that we weren’t winning SBs but instead that he wasn’t getting MVP votes.

    No, boos were the proper response.

  18. When TB12 returned to NE as a Buc the fans there rewarded him with a standing ovation – appreciation for all he had done there.. You don’t stop liking/respecting someone just because management doesn’t want him anymore. I thought the booing was classless. I would have thought better of the Seattle fan base.

  19. Maybe you don’t like Wilson’s personality or that he determined a trade was the best thing for his career, but the fact is the Seahawks fans have the memory of a Super Bowl championship that they would not have had without Wilson. I think that deserves at least some polite applause, if not a team-produced tribute video. If it weren’t for Packer fans, the “12’s” would be the most fraudulent fans in the NFL.

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