Tom Brady: Defense was awesome, offense has to be better

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is often the center of attention on the football field, but he took a back seat for much of Sunday night’s game against the Cowboys.

Leonard Fournette ran for 127 yards and Devin White had two sacks while leading a defense that didn’t give up a touchdown in the 19-3 Bucs victory. Brady threw a touchdown to Mike Evans in the second half, but also got picked off and piloted five first half drives that ended with field goal attempts after failing to convert on third downs.

After the game, Brady said a good run game and strong defense “will win you a lot of games” before pivoting to say that the overall offensive effort has to improve.

“I think the defense played awesome,” Brady said, via Greg Auman of “Offensively, I think we can do a lot better than that tonight. We’re going to have to. We’re going to have to score in the red area. We’re going to have to stay healthy. We’re going to have to get back to work and find a little bit of regular-season flow and just put these days together and see if we can make some improvements.”

The Bucs will be home to face the Saints next weekend and that would be a good time for the offense to click because Brady hasn’t beaten New Orleans in the regular season since coming to Tampa.

10 responses to “Tom Brady: Defense was awesome, offense has to be better

  1. It looked like the OL has issues but that is something that was known during training camp and pre-season. What was delicious is how often your defense had Dakota seeing stars as he was slammed to the turf repeatedly.

  2. During a Manning-Mannnig ESPN2 broadcast last season when they had Brady on during the 3rd quarter of some game (must have been during Bucs bye-week), Brady said the key to winning football championships is being able to run in the red area. Not meaning you have to call running plays but meaning the D must position itself to protect your proven ability to run the ball. The Bucs, with Godwin going out early and two “new” receivers to that scheme (Jones & Gage), as well as a couple rookie TE’s, were able to move the ball up to the red area almost at will. My guess is along the course of the season, if the O stays healthy, they’ll get familiar enough with one another become good enough (maybe very good) in the red area. Last year I thought the Bucs had lost the passion, the juice, whatever the term, especially on D, after winning the title the year before. It appeared to me that the juice was back in the D last night.

  3. Easy fix when you have a QB like Tom Brady, meanwhile for the teams with “QB”s like mac jones or Geno Smith, the season is over before it begins.

  4. Brady will not play every game this season. Bank on that!! He’s going to be injured by week 8 I don’t care how many green smoothies he drinks. A 45 year old body does not recover like a 25, or even a 35 year old body will, and he’s going to take more hits this season then he’s ever taken that offensive line has issues

  5. Well if you needed a game manager in this kind of situation you couldn’t ask for a better one. The mighty Dallas looked like chumps. Rough week for Texas football.

  6. They better fix the O Line with some radical moves – get Mupet or any other good O lineman out of retirement – Do some kind of wild trade – something! Brady is not going to last 4 games if they can’t protect him. The Bucs cannot let the last image the public sees of Brady being carted off the field after receiving a terrible hit.

  7. Actually the Bucs will be playing in New Orleans on Sunday. And also Brady is not your typical 45 year old.

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