Tom Brady was feeling sore on Monday

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys
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The Buccaneers won easily on Sunday night. But there was nothing easy about it for quarterback Tom Brady, who played his first regular-season game at the halfway point to 90.

He got banged around a little bit. And he was feeling it on Monday.

“There’s no margin for error when you’re 45,” Brady said on his Let’s Go! podcast, via “You know, you take hits and you feel every hit. When you’re younger, your body’s a lot different. And when you’re 45, your body changes a lot. So what am I dealing with today? I woke up today going, ‘Holy shit, there was a few hits.’”

Brady felt it. And he saw it.

“And you look at your arm and you got bruises, you got cuts,” Brady said. “And you go, ‘OK, how much longer do I want to make this commitment?’ And I obviously made the commitment for this year and everything’s going to be like always — continue to evaluate all these different aspects of playing.”

A coach told me several years ago that Brady’s arm won’t diminish, for years. The issue will be avoiding taking big hits as he ages. Eventually, the hits will become injuries that linger. Eventually, the man who said to himself today, “Holy shit, there was a few hits” will be saying, “I’m getting too old for this shit.”

The simple truth is that he is too old for this shit. And it’s amazing that he keeps going. We assume it will end in neat and tidy fashion, with Brady walking off into the sunset. It could conclude in dirtier and uglier fashion than that.

We’ll see. In six days, he’ll try to solve a New Orleans defense that has stymied him in four of four regular-season games since he joined the Buccaneers.

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  1. As the season ages, so will Tommy. Maybe not Peyton/Farve level of decline but the Schefter spite season is not going to end well.

  2. Somehow the 45 year old threw the best deep ball dime of the weekend and it went to another geezer in Julio Jones, who made a ridiculous catch. Not sure his line is going to hold up to allow for many of those, or if his receivers will be healthy.

  3. I used to not like Brady, but now I enjoy watching him and root for him. It’ll be a long time since we get to watch another QB like him.

  4. He’s 45, what did he do, wake-up? Take the trash can out to the curb? Pick-up something he dropped?

  5. The concern in Tampa is the OLine and pass pro. For as inexperienced they are due to injuries for their starters,.. I thought they did pretty good.
    Dallas has some good pass rush heat up front and they got through a few times. To be expected. It’s a violent game Tom.

  6. Well, the good news is Tom Brady won the week 1 opening game, beating the Cowboys for a 7th time and in the process helping to end any delusions Dallas has about a Super Bowl contender season. Brady threw a touchdown and had one interception and 200+ yards, plus a good catch to Julio Jones and a score from Mike Evans. He has also got to start and win a game at 45. He should be commended for that. The mixed news is that the Patriots lost, which might be satisfying for Brady for petty reasons yet really is not good for the moment. Also, the Giants won their opening game too; good for us New Yorkers yet not as such for Brady (or the Pats for that matter).

    And now the bad news is that while it was a win and a Brady touchdown to Evans did happen; it was only through a 19-3 score in which Bucs kicker Ryan Succop was the MVP of the game. It was more like the first 6 seasons of Tom Brady’s career when Adam Vinatieri would be the deciding factor in winning games and championships. Unlike the previous 2 seasons in which Brady threw at least 3 touchdowns, with Rob Gronkowski catching at least one; this seemed like a throwback to the more defensive first operation of the early Kraft-Belichick-Brady-Pioli seasons. It was also too easy for the Cowboys to mess the bed, if you will. The offensive line is in need of adjustment at best. Chris Godwin is yet again injured, though probably will be back on the field in no time.

    And for me at least, Tom Brady looked active but showing his age. I have to wonder if the Buccaneers feel the same. Next Sunday, they go to New Orleans and could very well lose again to the Saints. I am not going to go into the whole Brady and Sean Payton to Miami idea; except to say that I am actually surprised we have not heard from Drew Brees. And that is all I have to say about that. The Saints have a defense that is still at the top of the game. And if Tom Brady had that much of a soreness on Sunday, it would only get worse week to week. If he manages to play the rest of the season to the very end, that would be miraculous. I just do not see Brady moving forward if there are losses which become more frequent, as I think might happen. I am just saying that every week has the potential to be the last week of the season and career of Tom Brady. It is time, especially after the next game on the road, for him to be active in the life of the children he has. Yet for now, he lives to fight another day and week.


  7. My 63 year old friend can knock the wind out of me with a pass and he’s accurate. That doesn’t decline as much as recovering. Sounds like Tom is on his last year. One more for the Bucs!

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