Trevor Lawrence: We have to play smarter all the way around

Jacksonville Jaguars v Washington Commanders
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After scoring 19 straight points to take a 22-14 lead with 11:45 left in the fourth quarter, the Jaguars looked like they were in a position to defeat the Commanders and start the Doug Pederson era with a win.

Even after Washington scored on Terry McLaurin’s 49-yard touchdown reception, Jacksonville was still up 22-20 when the Commanders’ two-point conversion failed.

And when Jahan Dotson caught the go-ahead 24-yard touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter, there was still 1:46 on the clock.

But Jacksonville’s late comeback hopes were dashed when quarterback Trevor Lawrence was intercepted on a deep pass to Christian Kirk with 1:19 left.

After the game, Lawrence said the mindset was to go finish the game but for a number of reasons they weren’t able to do it.

“As bad as we played in the first half, to still have an opportunity in the second half to go win the game is great to see for that third [quarter] and half of the fourth quarter how well we were playing,” Lawrence said in his press conference. “But at the end of the day, the final score is what matters, and it is not what it is halfway through the fourth quarter.

“I don’t have all the answers right now. We shot ourselves in the foot a lot. There’s a lot of things that we control, that we didn’t do a great job of controlling. We have to play smarter all the way around, every position. There is a lot of stuff we have to work on.”

When asked how the 2022 Jags’ locker room is different from the one last year after a loss, Lawrence said, “It’s always that same feeling.”

“You walk in after losing a game, you leave it all out there. Especially a tight one like that when you don’t finish, everyone’s hurting and just frustrated,” Lawrence said. “You put all that work in for this one, a couple weeks even longer because it’s the opener. And to drop it there at the end that’s really frustrating. There is that deflated feeling. But then to see guys pick each other up and really just encourage each other.

“This is just the first one. We have a whole season. I really love the guys we’ve got in that locker room talent-wise and just the people. I’m not worried at all, but we definitely have to correct some things and get better.”

The Jaguars will host the Colts in Week Two. Jacksonville hasn’t lost to Indianapolis at home since 2014.

4 responses to “Trevor Lawrence: We have to play smarter all the way around

  1. Lawrence just isn’t good. He went 8 straight games without a passing TD last year and his numbers without Urban have not even been better. He throws a lot of picks and doesn’t generate enough big plays to make up for it.

    So many people blindly anointed him to be a “generational” prospect and the next great one after that one win against Alabama. So much for that. Davis Mills is personally far more impressive to me.

  2. Face it, Lawrence was surrounded by 4 & 5* players at Clemson, who propped him up. In the NFL, they’re all 4 & 5* players and he’s showing that he’s not ‘that guy’. Dabo can’t shield him and he must play. I watched him throughout his college days (every game) and he’s mediocre at best. If I’m wrong, point to reasons why I am. The floor is yours.

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