Von Miller: Blocks like Leonard Fournette’s on Micah Parsons should be illegal

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys
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Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette delivered a huge hit on Cowboys pass rusher Micah Parsons on Sunday night, giving Tom Brady enough time to throw a long bomb to Julio Jones. It was a great play by Fournette, but not everyone liked it.

Bills pass rusher Von Miller wrote on Twitter this morning that the kind of block Fournette threw — leaping into Parsons when Parsons was already engaged with Buccaneers tackle Josh Wells — is dangerous to defensive players and should be banned.

“This block must be taken out the game!” Miller wrote. “This is the future and we are just letting the offense tee off on our marquee pass rushers! You can get the job done without this much contact!”

Defensive players often complain that the NFL is always inventing new player safety rules to protect the offense, but doing nothing to protect the defense. Miller and other defensive players may want to lobby the league to restrict how they can be hit when they’re already engaged with another blocker. It’s a rule change that could be coming.

26 responses to “Von Miller: Blocks like Leonard Fournette’s on Micah Parsons should be illegal

  1. That’s a lot of whine over a simple chip block. Lenny didn’t go low or high. It was perfect. Just because a guy gets pancaked doesn’t mean it should be banned. He wasn’t at risk of any injury except a bruised pride.

  2. If he went low, I could understand Miller’s point. But that block just looked like standard football to me.

  3. That’s a straight up clean block. If players can’t do that then everyone will have double digit sacks. Parsons has done a lot of talking this year. Good to see someone shut him up.

  4. 100% correct! What Fournette did was totally legal…not putting him down. The point is that that kind of block is going to end someone’s season. The NFL needs to recognize defensive players count as much as offensive players.

  5. Clean hit… I don’t blame a defensive player for wanting defensive players to be treated like offensive players with ticky tack penalties but come on man…. let’s play some football!!!! Last thing we need is more rules…. might as well put on the flags if this is your attitude

  6. It is already illegal to block a defender low when they are engaged. So basically the complaint is that the offense should not be allowed to double team a pass rusher. If such a rule is instituted, do they also make a rule against gang tackling?

  7. Especially considering he waited until he was engaged and then launched his shoulder directly into the face/helmet of Parsons. 100% a dirty block.

  8. It looked like a great block to me. What was he supposed to do? Ask him nicely not to try to sack Brady?

  9. I don’t see the issue with the block coming while he was engaged with the OL. But it did look like he put his shoulder pad into Parsons helmet, which shouldn’t be allowed.

  10. Meh.
    Fournette didn’t cut him low and was facing Parsons when he hit him in the chest.
    Really didn’t expect an edge rusher wanting the game to get even softer…

  11. BS. Is he suggesting they outlaw double-teams? The block was clean, and it was beautiful.

  12. Mink Parsons plays with greed and reckless abandon. Too bad he gets played the same dirty way he plays. Mink deserved to be smashed and he should be embarrassed it was by a running back. I think Mink lost his man card on that play.

  13. The block was legal.. But it was dirty. Leonard didn’t have to launch into Micah like that. I get it, it’s football and it’s going to get PHYSICAL. But no one wants their career shortened/ended.

    Landry hit on Aaron Williams is an example of legal blocks that are dirty and career ending

  14. By that rationale, t would be really, really mean for two D-line defenders to rush and bully one single O-lineman.

  15. Miller’s been around a long time, how many QB’s has he driven into the ground? Anyhow, guess he doesn’t remember busting Brady’s lip in that playoff game last year

  16. Nope he is right. Players should not be able to take a shot at an engaged players head. It is simple it doesn’t matter what side of the ball you are playing on.

    On the other hand maybe you should draft edge rushers with some size.

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