Bills have not punted in three of their last four games, unprecedented in NFL history

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams
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The Bills’ offense is doing things that have never been seen before in the NFL.

The Bills didn’t punt in their win over the Rams in the season opener on Thursday, meaning they have now not punted in three of their last four regular-season games. Going back to 1939, which is as far back as accurate punting records exist, no team has ever gone without punting in three out of four games. (It almost certainly never happened before 1939, either, as punts were much more common in the early days of football.)

Buffalo also never punted in its playoff win over New England, and the streak becomes no punts in four of the Bills’ last six games if the playoffs are included.

Since last December, there are only six NFL games in which a team didn’t punt, and the Bills have four of those six games.

Buffalo’s offense ended last season playing at a level few NFL teams have ever reached, and to start this season the Bills picked up right where they left off.

15 responses to “Bills have not punted in three of their last four games, unprecedented in NFL history

  1. The shouldn’t have signed a punter. That would have added a fun new element for teams to game plan on. Make everyone defend four downs.

  2. They might as well save the roster space. In a rare occasion where they have to punt let Josh pooch it.
    So there. Settled.

  3. Two of those games were against the Patriots, and I can assure you that there were no turnovers by the Bills in either game…Rollovers & playing dead by the Pats defense on the other hand, there was plenty of that.

  4. And the Bills will only get better. They have an experienced QB who can run and who can make all throws and he is tough as nails. The team is adopting this approach which is not characteristic of the Bills in the past as they were very much nuanced in their approach. Now they are very aggressive and don’t let up. What is also remarkable is that their coaching staff can get them to forget a bad half of ball and then to whoop the other team even more in the second half. This team is fun to watch and I’m not even a Bills fan!

  5. longlivedansnyder says:
    September 13, 2022 at 6:34 pm
    Can’t wait for them to lose in the divisional round to the raiders
    On a day where I needed a laugh, this guy came through,,LOL.

  6. If the Bills have home field for the playoffs, and the Raiders come to town it should prove to be an interesting matchup. Chances are the temp will be a little bit less that the 50 Kryptonite wall for Carr. Look up his W-L record in games played below that benchmark temp…It’s not pretty. Begs the question, did they move the franchise to Vegas to improve his chances of winning more often?

  7. Crazy part of that stat is they don’t really have to convert on 4th down very much. When it comes to 4th down conversions they are middle of the pack, compared to a team like the Chargers.

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