Geno Smith: People can write you off, I’ve just been working

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks
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The wild ending of Monday night’s game in Seattle threatened to overshadow much of what went on during the first 59 minutes of play, but the crowd at Lumen Field offered a reminder about another storyline after Brandon McManus missed a 64-yard field goal.

Chants of “Geno” could be heard as Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith took a pair of knees to run out the clock. Smith was installed as the team’s starting quarterback after spending the last eight seasons as a backup and he turned in a terrific first half to stake the Seahawks to a lead.

Smith was 17-of-18 for 164 yards and two touchdowns as the Seahawks took a 17-13 lead into the break. He cooled down a bit in the second half and ended 23-of-28 for 195 yards, but his play surpassed most expectations and Smith punctuated the win by saying on ESPN that “they wrote me off, I ain’t write back though.” He would expand on that thought after the game.

“When people say ‘what I’ve been through,’ I think that’s a stretch, man,” Smith said, via the team’s website. “I’m in the NFL for 10 years, so to say what I’ve been through is kind of funny. Then to say people wrote me off, I’ve just been working. That’s what I mean by ‘I never wrote back.’ I don’t listen to stuff like that. I just work. I know what I have inside of me. God has blessed me with talent and also a passion and a drive. As far as worrying about naysayer or anything like that, I don’t get into that type of stuff. People can write you off, but life is about what you make it. I’ve just been blessed enough to be in the NFL for ten years and been working my butt off. It’s a team game, and we got a win tonight as a team.”

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said on Monday night that Smith is “ready for this moment” and his play would have been the biggest story of the night if not for the bizarre way things played out on the final Broncos drive.

32 responses to “Geno Smith: People can write you off, I’ve just been working

  1. hawks were dominated in every category except fans and score.
    after that kick, what was with all those time outs…wanted mr wilson to soak in the moment?

  2. He’s also made around $14,000,000. It’s not like he was working late shift at McDonald’s.

  3. It’s already become really easy to root for this guy. Talk about humility and gratitude. He’s the anti-Russell Wilson.

  4. Good for Geno.

    Hawks played a lot of young guys. Two rookie offensive tackles and two rookie DBs played a lot with one starting. They should get better.

  5. Good for Geno.

    No idea if he can keep playing anywhere near this level game in and game out but it was nice to hear the chants.

    It was also nice to see arrogant “All I want is a MVP” Russ lose especially as his coach tries a 64 yard FG instead of going for a 4th and 5 with 30 seconds left and 3 time outs.

    Weird decision.

  6. Good for Geno. I remember a quarterback named Steve DeBerg who came to the Chiefs after a similar journey throughout the league. He led the Chiefs to a magical season with doubters every single game. It would be great if we saw the same ending for Geno Smith

  7. I like feel good stories.

    Geno(like me and many others) has matured as he has grown older and learned some things(Not just about football).

  8. Good story for Geno, but Seattle would have lost in a blowout if Denver didn’t repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot.

  9. Good for you, Geno. I think getting his nose popped off by his teammate humbled him up a bit and he’s been a pro ever since. Not the best, not the worst…

  10. The Broncos fumbled twice on the 1 yard line. No offense to Geno, but they were bailed out.

  11. I dislike the seaguls, but I was definitely impressed with Gino last night. Fun game to watch.

  12. All I know after watching the game is that Geno looked as good if not better than Wilson.Broncos might have made a big mistake in giving so much up for Russ.Not sure Wilson is the elite,franchise QB that many think he is.Long way to go in the season but looks like Seattle will be more competitive than anyone thought.Somuch for tanking out west!

  13. Congrats to Geno for playing well yesterday. I hope it continues. Not a seahawks fan, but I’m rooting for him.

  14. Wow! A lot of Seahawk fans are getting pretty pumped up about Geno in 1 game! Ha!
    Let’s see what kind of chants he’s hearing from the dwindled “3rd Man” come midseason.

  15. Chiefs fan in LA says:
    September 13, 2022 at 6:19 am
    hawks were dominated in every category except fans and score.
    after that kick, what was with all those time outs…wanted mr wilson to soak in the moment?

    Denver called the timeouts.

    And it’s funny to hear people say Denver handed Seattle the win like Diggs and Adams didn’t drop gimme interceptions, Geno didn’t slip on 4th down on the 10 yard line, and there weren’t multiple broken coverages by Seattle’s rookie DB’s that gave up huge plays. If anything, the Seahawks did all they could to give the game away. Geno played well, which if you watched him last year or in the preseason, shouldn’t be surprising. He was cursed by being drafted to the Jets. He’s not nearly as bad as casuals think.

  16. He had a great line about this in the post-game.

    People wrote me off… “but I never wrote back”

  17. Chiefs fan in LA says:
    September 13, 2022 at 6:19 am
    hawks were dominated in every category except fans and score.

    Call me uninformed in analytics but personally I think the score is the “category” that matters most.

  18. There have been several QB’s who’ve had late career renaissance. Rich Gannon, Steve Deberg, Jim Plunkett, Craig Morton, and even Joe Theismann. Good luck to Geno!

  19. Told you Geno was not losing the job to Lock. Only the expert pundits & Know-nothings online KNEW Geno couldn’t play. Almost like it was personal. Funny how no team(s) moved heaven & earth to put him w/ a winning organization.

    SEE: Tannehill, Stafford, Rivers, Wentz… Shall I go on?

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