Jamal Adams needs to get some work done on injured knee

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The initial read on Seahawks safety Jamal Adams‘ injury on Monday night was a negative one and things aren’t looking any better on Monday.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said on Monday night that Adams hurt his knee and that it wasn’t a “typical” injury because his quadricep tendon was also damaged. Carroll called it a serious injury and reiterated that on KIRO Tuesday while also indicating that Adams is headed for surgery in the near future.

“Yeah he’s hurt. He hurt his knee. He’s going to have to get some work on that. I don’t know the extent of that yet but I know it’s serious,” Carroll said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

Carroll didn’t say anything about Adams’ recovery timeline, but everything he’s said the last two days gives plenty of reason to think that the safety’s season is over.

9 responses to “Jamal Adams needs to get some work done on injured knee

  1. Isn’t this expected? You take an exotic sports car out for a ride and then have to send it to the mechanic.

  2. He’s too heavy to be a DB, doesn’t have the agility to cut & go. Too focused on muscles/big hits like LaRon Landry. Gonna have to lose some weight if he wants his career to continue.

  3. Super talented but I think the injuries over the past two seasons will rob him of his true potential. Yes Jets fans you did fleece us on this trade. If we could’ve got a couple All Pros from him it still would’ve been a stupid trade but at least acceptable. Honestly it doesn’t matter though. It was an “all in” on Wilson’s SB window with Seattle that didn’t pay off. Now that we’re in a rebuild it will be easier to cut bait and draft a young safety next year.

  4. Those that say he under performs hasn’t been paying attention. His performances are elite. It’s his recent injury bug that is the problem. I’m not sure what the answer is to alleviate that aspect, but as one commentator already pointed out, he’s a bigger, heavier player at his position. Wishing him well & hopefully, he isn’t going to miss the entire season.

  5. The most important ability is Availability. Playing with reckless abandon is only a good idea if you can do it without breaking yourself. Love his heart, but the Jamal Adams trade has been terrible for the Seahawks. If he misses the rest of this season, he’ll have played only 25 games in 3 years. There’s no way to sugar coat that as any kind of win for the team.

  6. Those that say he under performs hasn’t been paying attention. His performances are elite.

    What category is he elite in?

    The only real success he’s had in Seattle is as a blitzer. For a safety, that is nothing but a gimmick.

  7. wttoolman says:
    September 13, 2022 at 2:14 pm
    Overpriced, over-hyped, and under-performs. He’s the Honda of the football world.
    Really bad analogy. Honda’s are reasonably priced, perform as expected, and run forever. Range Rover would’ve been more accurate.

    Adams’ problem isn’t performance. When he plays, he’s really good. Problem is that he’s always injured. This is still the worst trade in Seahawks history and the contract they gave him was insane. Hindsight, they should’ve kept Blair. Luckily they have depth at the position though.

  8. He is great at one thing, and that is causing chaos. He was mis-used last year but last night it was apparent they intended to use him more in the way he is best suited. It’s disappointing that injuries have been such a factor for him.

    The Seahawks seem to be snake-bit with some of these guys. Adams was rarely hurt in New York and now can’t stay healthy in Seattle. Penny never was very durable in college but keeps getting hurt in the pros. Hard to figure on that.

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