Ken Dorsey: We didn’t need to lose our minds against Rams because turnovers derailed us


At halftime of last Thursday’s season opener, the Bills and Rams were tied at 10.

Los Angeles kicker Matt Gay had just sent a 57-yard field goal through the uprights to even the score.

But Buffalo dominated the second half, outscoring the reigning Super Bowl champions 21-0 for a 31-10 victory.

What was the difference? According to offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, it came down to playing clean football.

“I really felt like at half, we were doing a lot of good things. It’s just the thing that obviously derailed us was the turnovers,” Dorsey said, via Henry McKenna of FOX Sports. “And that really hurt us on some drives. We really felt like we were in a rhythm and those things kind of derailed some things. So, just felt like there was no need to lose our mind or anything like that. It’s just go out, make the appropriate adjustments.”

Three of the Bills’ five first-half possessions ended in a giveaway, as quarterback Josh Allen threw two interceptions and rookie running back James Cook fumbled his first ever carry.

But Dorsey figured the unit would settle down starting with the third quarter, and it did. The Bills put up three consecutive touchdowns to start the second half and were again in scoring position before Zack Moss’ fumble late in the fourth quarter.

“These guys are pros. They’re a group of pros who understand that when you execute, it brings energy,” Dorsey said. “And I think that’s the biggest thing, is just we weren’t quite executing at the level we were capable of in certain situations. So if we were able to fix those things, that was really going to help us in the second half.”

Dorsey and Buffalo’s offense will get their next chance to display explosive plays in Monday’s home opener against Tennessee.

2 responses to “Ken Dorsey: We didn’t need to lose our minds against Rams because turnovers derailed us

  1. Whether you lose by one or by 50, it’s still just one loss.

    Flush it and move on to week 2.

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