Lloyd Cushenberry: Turnovers, penalties why we lost

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks
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Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett’s head-scratching decisions at the very end of Monday night’s game has dominated the reaction to Seattle’s 17-16 home win, but the focus would have been on other things had the Broncos lost by more conventional means.

The team had three drives that featured goal-to-go situations, but came out of them with just three points. Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams both lost fumbles from the 1-yard-line, which was the first time a team had that happen twice in the same game since 1987, and they had a pair of false starts in the red zone. They also had multiple delay of game penalties as part of 12 overall flags that went against them over the course of the game.

Center Lloyd Cushenberry concentrated on those failings rather than the final seconds when he reflected on the loss.

“That’s the game,” Cushenberry said, via the team’s website. “You see the stats; we killed them in everything except turnovers and penalties. So when we get down to the 1-yard line, we’ve got to finish. That’s the main thing. Running it in, throwing it in — whatever. Just got to get seven. That was the game. That’s why we lost. We didn’t score when we got down to the goal line.”

Cushenberry said the team also made a late change to the play call before Williams’ fumble, but the crowd noise kept all five linemen from being aware of the switch. All in all, it adds up to a lot for the Broncos to clean up before they host the Texans in Week Two.

13 responses to “Lloyd Cushenberry: Turnovers, penalties why we lost

  1. Hackett seemed way out of his league. Better figure out this head coach thing real quick, or this will get ugly fast.

  2. “You see the stats; we killed them in everything except turnovers and penalties

    Except turnovers, penalties, AND the Score….

    Go Hawks!

  3. Denver lost by one point, after doing everything they could to allow Seattle to blow them out. This doesn’t bode well for Seattle.

  4. Yes, the coach was infuriatingly stupid but Cushenberry is right. If Denver scores instead of fumbles, the game is completely different.

  5. Excuses. What doesn’t show up on the stat sheet is Geno slipping on 4th down at the 10 yard line and 2 dropped int’s by Diggs and Adams. See, every team has coulda shoulda woulda’s every game. All that matters is who gets the W.

  6. Ok, it’s clear Hackett can scheme, as evidenced by the box score and the run game’s 6ypc avg. What also became clear are his novice management skills. Multiple offensive delay penalties and the atrocious way he and Russ managed the final 2 minutes make it painfully clear that he has serious work to do. Running the ball out of shotgun from the 2yd line over and over and giving M Gordon the goal line carries that should go to the more powerful back are just a couple of the head scratchers. And the decision to attempt a 64yd kick instead of 4th & 5 with the QB you just mortgaged the future to sign…. tough for us Denver fans today. It should get better, but that’s tough.

  7. Typical Bronco fans. Should of, could of. Bragging about winning battles but losing the war. What about all the penalties for delay of game? Very poor game management. Chubb finally woke up in the second half but took the first half off. Denver is certainly a basement team in the AFC West.

  8. Everyone had written the Hawks off this season. Geno even has a Madden rating of 66. No respect.

    Maybe, just maybe there is more to the game than a flashy QB. I think the Hawks will get better, and the Broncos won’t

  9. there is a penalty for not really playing the 1st string as a group during the preseason. Witness last night.

  10. Neither the head coach nor the two coordinators had ever coached their virginity game. It’s a lot to ask all thee of them to be good, but Head coach decided to sit out his vets in preseason. D Coordinator’s group got way too many penalties. Offensive Coordinator should be able to score when inside the 5-yard line three different times.

    Okay guys, virginity game is over, you gotta grow up now.

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