Matt Rhule disappointed, not discouraged by opening loss

Cleveland Browns v Carolina Panthers
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Matt Rhule fell to 10-24 as the Panthers head coach with Sunday’s 26-24 loss to the Browns, but he tried to focus on the positives during his Monday press conference.

Rhule said he and the rest of the team is “disappointed, but we’re not discouraged” by the result, which came after the Panthers came back from 13 points down to briefly take the lead in the fourth quarter of the game. Rhule tried to focus on the way the team bounced back from a bad start and figuring out how the Panthers could get that kind of effort on a more consistent basis.

“Every coach is upset with the result of the game,” Rhule said, via the team’s website. “At the same time, to play that badly on offense in the first half, and still came back and had a chance to win the football game. On defense, so many plays we want back and still have a chance to win the game. So we have to have a really good week, and we have to play much better. I think who we were in the fourth quarter is who we’d like to be. We just have to do it for 60 minutes. When we do that, we’ll be a good team.”

The Panthers have a road game with the Giants in Week Two and a more cohesive performance would be a good way to keep others from becoming discouraged about the direction Rhule is moving the team in his third season.

14 responses to “Matt Rhule disappointed, not discouraged by opening loss

  1. As losses continue to mount if this team is not turned around and soon, then Matt Rhule will be fired and it will be long before the end of the regular season.

  2. Matt Rhule will soon be disappointed but not discouraged that he is no longer coaching an NFL team.

  3. Rhule knows he needs wins, not moral victories or show improvement in a loss.

    The less starters play in preseason games the worse the first month of the season becomes. How many injuries (acls?) did we have just this week but people are happier because they happened in a game instead of the offseason?

  4. They should consider themselves lucky that the browns didn’t beat them by 3 tds so I guess in the sense sure u can feel that way but dang if Matt rule wants to save his job after this year idk what he can even do. His coaching career and bakers future as a starter are interlocked…which kinda leaves the team in a predicament. The coaching is awful..if they win they do it in spite of the coaching but at the same time save the coachs jobs go figure lol

  5. Rhule doesn’t exactly have a way with words. He’s still a college coac. Can’t wait til he’s gone.

  6. With only a few weeks in that offense Baker was set up to fail in the court of public opinion – he didn’t IMO. He can only move forward from here, learn more of that O, practice more, play more. If he stays healthy watch out! W Cleveland doing him the way they did there will be nobody more motivated.

  7. Refs handed game to Clowns? What de heck you talking bout? Panthers need to get better. So do the ” Clowns”. Neither team played near their best. If not for the 2 blown coverages by Clowns Safeties, DESPITE Clowns playing poorly, this one wasnt close.

  8. Matt Rhule is the east coast Kliff Kingsberry…inept, not a leader, in way over his head, and got I. The NFL through nepotism and bumbling management

  9. Don’t worry Panthers fans, Tepper will fire him and some AD with other people’s money to spend will offer him a gig at the college level. I see the same with Kingsbury. He should’ve stayed and waited it with ‘SC.

  10. The Panthers had the whole off season to work on the O line and shore up the middle of the defense. No excuse for such a sorry effort Sunday. If Cleveland did what they did as far as running the ball Sunday, Panthers are in for a long day this week. I said all last year, it does not matter who the QB is, if you cannot protect them then they will struggle.

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