Pete Carroll: Nobody gave us a chance to win this game, this was a great night of football

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll sounded after Monday night’s win over the Broncos like he felt vindicated after an offseason of listening to doubters.

Carroll knew the Seahawks were heavy underdogs against Russell Wilson and the Broncos, and Carroll said he was proud of his players for stepping up against a tough opponent.

“Nobody gave us a chance to win this football game,” Carroll said. “It just shows you, this was such a team win, such a smart, well-played game by all the fellas out there. . . . This was a great night of football.”

Carroll saluted the Seattle fans, who were loud throughout.

“The fans were ridiculous, the 12s were so good tonight. God dang they were great. I’m so pleased we could give them a game like this, and they could have that much fun,” Carroll said. “We’re so lucky that we can play here, that our fans love it so much, and we can play here.”

The Seahawks, who were viewed as playoff long shots before the season, are now all alone in first place as the only 1-0 team in the NFC West.

18 responses to “Pete Carroll: Nobody gave us a chance to win this game, this was a great night of football

  1. You got out gained 433 yards to 253 yards. You recovered two lucky fumbles inside the red zone. Your QB only put up 31 passing yards and no points in the 2nd half. You benefited from one of the worst late game decisions in modern NFL history. You also lost your best defensive player pry for a while. Simmer down now.

  2. I disagree. Coach Hackett gave the Seahawks many chances to win with his terrible game management.

  3. Everything broke right for Seattle tonight. Enjoy it because you don’t know when this will happen again.

  4. Since Wilson moved on to Denver, past players have begun to return to the VM training facility.

    Sherman, Lynch, Baldwin, Kearse, Avril, Wright, Bennett all returned and have been hanging out with the young players.

    Wonder why they never did that before now?

  5. Holding Russell and the Broncos offense to 26 points , one might think the Seahawks had some kind of inside info on Wilson.

  6. Remember when many of you said Pete was past his prime and that the Hawks should have kept Wilson and fired Carroll?


    This should tell you something about “team player and all around good guy” Wilson.

    Since he’s moved to Denver, past players from the SB teams have begun popping up around the Hawks training facility really for the first time since they went their own ways.

    Sherman, Lynch, Baldwin, Kearse, Avril, Bennett, Wright… All have shown up and talked with young current players.

    Looks like Pete wasn’t the problem after all.

  7. Pete deserves credit. His team was ready, played well, and took advantage of their opportunities. Ya gotta tip your cap to Geno on a big win. He posses humility and some grit

  8. Denver had an abysmal last minute or so. Didn’t take a time out to think it over, went for the kick, and then coach was trying to argue with the officials during the kneel downs saying he had 3 time outs left. Poor showing.

  9. Huge chokejob by Denver. Seattle is one of the worst teams in the league.

    Seahawks – 1-0
    Patriots – 0-1

  10. Here’s what should worry other fans.

    Geno likely won’t play like this every game meaning the Hawks will have one high #1 and possibly two high #1s in the deepest QB draft in a decade.

    Wilson was mad because Hawks were interested in Mahomes and actually tried to trade him to pick J. Allen #1 when he came out.

    Those seem like two astute moves (or attempts) so you’ve got to hope they whiff on this next draft or they’re going to go back to curb stomping the NFCW.

  11. You have to be realistic and admit, if the Hawks play like that the rest of the year, they’re gonna lose more than they win.

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