Report: Dak Prescott could return in 4-6 weeks

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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had surgery on his right thumb Monday and it was followed by a more positive report about when he might be able to return to action.

Word has been that Prescott is set to miss 6-8 weeks as the fracture heals, but Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that Prescott could return a bit earlier. Per his report, Prescott could be back in as little as four weeks after what’s described as a “clean” surgery.

The Cowboys play the Bengals, Giants, Commanders, and Rams. They face the Eagles on October 16 in what would be the first possible return date in the revised timeline.

Any path to return will be informed by how Prescott’s bone heals in the coming weeks and resuming throwing would be a sign that the quarterback is closing in on clearance for full football activity.

Cooper Rush is expected to start at quarterback for the Cowboys while Prescott is sidelined.

18 responses to “Report: Dak Prescott could return in 4-6 weeks

  1. Who was the source, Dr. Jerry Jones? I bet Dr. Jones is telling people that Tyron Smith is going to recover from an avulsion fracture of the knee in record time as well?

  2. First, best wishes for Dak. Hope he recovers fully and quickly.

    And best of luck to Cooper Rush. The NFL seems to want a narrative that there are a few guys who can play QB and then everyone else is terrible. In truth, if surrounded by the right cast, there are many backups who can win. See Geno.

    BUT, 4-6 weeks is a season and Boys didn’t look good before he got hurt.

  3. All I can say is : HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS… Jerry Jones the gift that keeps on giving for 25 years and counting…

  4. No way he comes back that soon. Brees had the same thing and he was out for a long time. Media spin for the Boys fanbase. It wont matter,they looked horrendous when he was playing.

  5. The only thing that will help the Boys is a new coach, but the only way that will happen is if they get a new owner. So I guess the Boys will be Boys until they are sold.

  6. When Dak Prescott returns he will have an excuse for failing “Oh my poor thumb is not performing.”

  7. Re. “Prescott could be back in as little as four weeks after what’s described as a “clean” surgery”: [(Surgery Date (Mon, 9/12/2022) + “four weeks”) = Mon, 9/10/2022]. Cowboys’ week 5 game (vs. Rams) is on Mon, 9/9/2022, just one day less than that. Without specifying, “back” *should* mean ready to play a actual *game*. Are you / they saying, he can’t cut that “four weeks” healing time by “one day” (i.e. ~3.6%)?! Or are you saying “back” means “back” to *practice*, and he needs 1 to 6 days of *practice* before an actual *game*?

  8. Isn’t it odd there is no statement from the surgeon to this effect? This looks like wishful spin from Jerry, not an actual prognosis from the doctor.

    Could it be that Jerry is trying to protect himself from criticism because he’s going with the inexperienced backup instead of trading for somebody like, say, Jimmy G? That would be shrewd if it weren’t such an obvious distortion of the situation.

  9. Doesn’t really matter. Dallas fans will continue to frantically froth at the mouth droning on about old trophies, old rings, old players, etc. Never seen a fanbase live that far in the past before.

  10. It doesn’t matter when he comes back. He won’t make much of a difference. Dude is average. Anyway, get well soon

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