Five Buccaneers receivers land on injury report

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans
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The Buccaneers loaded up the receiver position this year in the event that, like last year, their receivers get injured. Through only one regular-season game, five Buccaneers receivers are injured in advance of a game against the Saints in New Orleans.

Three didn’t practice at all: Russell Gage (hamstring), Chris Godwin (hamstring), and Julio Jones (knee). Two were limited: Mike Evans (calf) and Breshad Perriman (knee).

That leaves the Bucs with two fully healthy receivers on the roster: Jaelon Darden and Scotty Miller.

Also missing practice were tackle Donovan Smith (elbow) and cornerback Zyon McCollum (hamstring). Quarterback Tom Brady got the day off, for rest purposes.

Running back Leonard Fournette (hamstring) and tackle Tristan Wirfs (abdomen) were limited, too.

25 responses to “Five Buccaneers receivers land on injury report

  1. The problem is starters do not generally play in pre season and tend to get hurt in the first few real games cause of it . quality of the first few games teams play in the regular season has gone down hill because of it.

  2. Might be a good week for Brady to retire. Then maybe he and Giselle can get back to living together

  3. Not playing starters is proving dumber and dumber. Buffalo and Kansas City came out ready to play and worked over two teams that played no one in the pre-season. Injuries a plenty for teams with rusty starters.

  4. It’s OK, Tom usually throws to the Saints DB’s anyway. 33% of his INTS as a Bucs have been to the Saints.

  5. no matter who they line up with as wr – they will still be tough to stop. And Tampa D looked REAL good against Dallas….but I hope the Saints get some real hits on Brady…

  6. Brady is more concerned about getting blitzed by Giselle now that she’s talking to the media.

  7. They think reducing the preseason reduces injuries, usually knee jerk reacting to single cases where someone did get hurt in the preseason. But the big picture is it increases injuries over all. Because players go from offseason to in season so quickly their bodies dont get to do a gradual build up, its very fast and sudden. So lots of strains and pulls, and occasional tears.

  8. Brady will be quitting by week 8 at this rate-

    lol while they are winning and going on the injury report meanns nothing. players feel best right before training camp, for there out they play hurt.

  9. Lord help them. They all got that hurt run blockeding. They did not pass that much.

    Saints are gonna kill them

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