George Kittle won’t practice on Wednesday

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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49ers tight end George Kittle did not practice or play in Week One after suffering a groin injury.

He won’t begin this week on the field either.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters in his press conference that Kittle won’t practice on Wednesday as the team begins to get ready for the Week Two matchup with Seattle.

“Hopefully, we’ll have better luck this week,” Shanahan said, via Matt Maiocco of

While Kittle was listed as questionable for last Sunday’s game, the 49ers ultimately decided to hold him out from the contest. Given the field conditions, that may have been a wise choice.

But Kittle missing San Francisco’s Wednesday practice means there is still some question about his availability for Week Two. And that means quarterback Trey Lance may not have a key weapon as the Niners take on a division rival.

Tyler Kroft started at tight end in Kittle’s stead last week and caught one pass on two targets for 9 yards.

14 responses to “George Kittle won’t practice on Wednesday

  1. Yeah, he saw that defense on MNF and wants no part of that tail-kicking. Discretion is the better part of valor.

  2. 49ers are going to need all the help they can get considering the Seahawks have the major advantage behind center and on the sidelines.

  3. Seems like Seattle fans are already planning their Superbowl parade route after a week one win.

    Then they wonder why they’re widely considered the most annoying fan base in the NFL.

  4. Brittle Kittle is good, but Street Clothes Kittle is great. Does he still block better than Kelce if he never plays?

  5. I cannot imagine any team that I am going to root against this year more than the Seahawks. As they celebrated that week one win like it was the superbowl may it be the only one they gain this season.

  6. sweetnlow44 says:
    September 14, 2022 at 4:22 pm
    Better start Jimmy G if they want a chance to win.

    Jimmy G is 1-5 vs the Seahawks. Enough with that guy, he’s benefited from playing on the most complete team in the NFL the past few years. Trey Lance had 6TDs and 2 turn overs last year in his 2 starts. I wouldn’t put to much into the game vs the bears Sunday either since it was basically played underwater. Also, deebo fumbled from the 10, and defense fell asleep all game. Theirs a reason no one bit on a trade for Jimmy.

  7. With or without Kittle Geno won’t or can’t throw downfield. 9ers will force them to put together drives and will win. Geno can’t break a play like Fields and scare defenders too come downhill and if they do Geno can’t make them pay with downfield accuracy.

  8. The heavily favorite SF 49’rs may decide to hold Kittle out, since most experts believe they will easily win this weekend’s contest. I hope he is healed up enough to play as he is a true competitor and he’s fun to watch. Best of luck to him.

    Having said all that; Go Hawks!

  9. When you look at how some QBs carry themselves and have a command of the offense, they give you confidence and hope that your team can win. When you look at Geno Smith, you wonder how he got in the building! He will wilt against this 49ers defense!

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